Webinar: Performance Matters: Engaging the Modern Learner

In recent years, a lot of ink has been spilled regarding the idea of the “Modern Learner.” In this webinar, we will discuss whether the so-called “Modern Learner” is really that much different from any other learner.

The answer is yes…and no…and that has implications for Learning and Development (L&D) professionals. Luckily guidance on how to best cater to the modern learner lies within the learning sciences.

Hence, once they are coupled with technological affordances, engagement strategies and creative collaborations, foundations for an effective training program are established.

Join us for this complimentary training industry webinar, with learning architects from across the globe. Learn from their insights on how they have been designing and delivering meaningful experiences for the modern learner, enhancing training outcomes through the use of appropriate techniques in different contexts.

Meet the Speakers
| A Model for Reinvention 

Ewan is a global learning and development management professional with extensive experience in driving scalable learning solutions. He is also an expert in adjudicating international sailing competitions, which he does mostly as a volunteer.

As the Director for Learning & Professional Development, Wee Chee oversees programmes and initiatives to develop and raise the capabilities of continuing education and training, and career development professionals as well as the exploration and use of innovative pedagogies and learning technologies to enhance adult learning. 

Wee Chee’s career before IAL centred around education, as he held various roles in Ministry of Education and Singapore Polytechnic. He holds a Master in Training and Development from Griffith University and a Bachelor of Arts (Merit) from the National University of Singapore

Xiaofang holds a PhD from National Institute of Education (NIE), Nanyang Technological University (NTU) in Singapore. She has years of experience in conducting both qualitative and quantitative educational research. Prior to joining IAL, she was involved in quite a number of research projects in NIE specializing on classroom interaction, pedagogy and professional development. Her main research interests cover pedagogy, professional development, adult education and workplace learning. Xiaofang is currently researching CET learners’ sense- making to inform pedagogical innovations in blended learning.

So-Young Kang is a serial tech entrepreneur, CEO coach, TEDx speaker, Harvard Business School grad, former McKinsey consultant and was nominated by the World Economic Forum as a Young Global Leader. So-Young Kang is a highly sought out speaker globally across US, Asia, Europe, Australia, Middle East, and Africa on multiple topics across Transformation Design, Innovation, Leadership, Culture, Strategy, Education/EdTech, and Entrepreneurship.

Melissa Mary Yeo
Educational Technology Specialist, Ministry of Education

As an educational technology specialist, Melissa oversees professional development programs and initiatives to upskill educators in their ability to design learning experiences that harness the affordances of technology in order to enhance active learning opportunities for their learners. Over the course of her career, Melissa has held various roles in the Ministry of Education. She holds a Masters in Instructional Design and Technology from Teacher's College, Columbia and a BA(Hones) from the University of Melbourne.

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