Webinar On-Demand: Upskill Customer-Facing Staff in a Human Centred Digital Way

Your frontline employees are critical to your business. What does it take to transform your frontline into a high-performing workforce even through these disruptive times?

Employers and workers have to change their mindsets towards skills training. In this webinar, join Head of Partnerships, Loh Chi Ming as he shares effective ways to engage the frontline workforce to remain agile and productive. 

Talking points: 

  1. How do you re-invent communications build capabilities cost-effectively during these uncertain times? 
  2. How do you equip and build skill sets that will help employees adapt well to the changes? 
  3. How do you build knowledge and confidence while measuring the impact of your digital training program? 

For a replay of this session or to share the webinar, use this link https://be.gnowbe.com/cp3x7ocsqxmu4iag for the full program on our Gnowbe app. The program contains multimedia content from the webinar - slides, the webinar recording, and audience contributions.

Please note: the webinar recording is accessed within the last session

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