Webinar: Powerful Growth Hacking Tactics to Fuel Business Growth

The world is changing and the way we do sales is evolving – for instance, the rise of virtual selling and closing, sales enablement for remote working or targeted account-based prospecting. However, the one thing that is always key to driving businesses forward, is growth, isn’t it?

  • How can companies start to adopt the growth hacking mindset?
  • How has growth hacking evolved for SaaS companies?

In this webinar, we are bringing seasoned sales hackers to discuss how growth hacking has evolved, and how to eventually turn these sales hacks into revenue, which further improves business performance. So-Young Kang (Founder & CEO, Gnowbe, former McKinsey consultant) will be hosting the discussion alongside Jim Tam (Head of Global Business, Gnowbe, former VP of Sales at Hertz, Citi) and Skanda Rajachandra (Head of Sales, APAC, Gnowbe).

Meet the Speakers

So-Young Kang is a serial tech entrepreneur, CEO coach, TEDx speaker, Harvard Business School grad, former McKinsey consultant and was nominated by the World Economic Forum as a Young Global Leader. So-Young Kang is a highly sought out speaker globally across US, Asia, Europe, Australia, Middle East, and Africa on multiple topics across Transformation Design, Innovation, Leadership, Culture, Strategy, Education/EdTech, and Entrepreneurship.

Jim Tam brings over 20 years of sales and marketing experience from having led high-performing sales teams at Citi, The Hertz Corporation, and most recently at G4S PLC. Jim marries his wealth of enterprise sales experience together with innovation to help organizations go digital, expand, grow and scale.

Skanda Rajachandra manages a portfolio of large enterprise accounts and training & consulting clients across Asia, Europe & Africa. He has a proven track record in successfully implementing digital 2.0 by helping clients extend, digitize and enhance their training programs with successful business outcomes.

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