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How it started

So-Young, CEO of Gnowbe, launched Awaken Group, a human-centered transformation design firm, in 2010. Her team was looking for a way to digitize and scale experiential workshops, coaching, and soft skills training. They knew that the future would be in the rise of the mobile workforce, a need for lifelong learning, a greater focus on skills as the new currency and bite-sized content anytime, anywhere.

She and her team were looking for a solution that was participatory and empowered people to take ownership of their learning experiences. They wanted to replicate the powerful face-to-face transformative learning experience in digital form. Gnowbe was created to empower content creators, thought leaders and trainers from organizations to scale experiential, participatory learning on mobile to develop real skills and change mindsets and behaviors. They essentially created the new digital trainer. Gnowbe moves learning from just ‘knowing’ to ‘learn-by-doing’ and ‘learn-by-teaching’ which is the ultimate in learning design.

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