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MID 101

To support creators globally, Gnowbe has launched a $10 million scholarship fund, which entitles 20k recipients to earn a MID Level 1 Certification (worth $497!) for FREE. Designed for trainers, educators & instructional designers, scholarship recipients will learn the principles of instructional design and know how to apply that in a microlearning format for blended or asynchronous learning experiences. Upon certificate completion, recipients are encouraged to spread the word, and "pay-it-forward" by equipping others using their newly learned MID skills and techniques.

*The certificate is signed by 3 prominent professors from Harvard, IMD and NTU business school (former presidents and deans)

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Why should I apply for the Scholarship?

1. Build Your Business: Be inspired, start creating (and sell!) your own creative content. Learn how to increase the value of your workshops through shared elearning experiences.

2. Elevate Your Craft: Learn the science of Microlearning Instructional Design (MID). Gnowbe designed the MID Program based on 20 years of research on adult learning theory, gamification theory and behavior design.

3. Grow As A Professional: Earn a digital certificate (shareable on LinkedIn) - signed by our "MID Advisory Board" which consists of Deans and Professors from Harvard, NTU and IMD.

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Benefits of The MID Scholarship

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Scholarship Eligibility, Certification and Application Deadline

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