MID301 Partner Accreditation: Microlearning Instructional Design™

Develop a transformation training program to equip others how to deliver MID2 to their groups and organizations. This is the ultimate goal of Gnowbe: to multiply the impact of effective teaching and learning. We are very excited to offer this unique opportunity, and work with organizations who desire to become training partners who are passionate about providing high quality training to their teams.

By the end of this program you will:

  • Gain inside knowledge about how MID2 was constructed and why it was designed the way it was
  • Learn how to deliver, teach and train others in instructional design practices (with practical tips and tricks included to facilitate online and in person trainings)
  • Deliver a short training in a small group setting and receive feedback/live workshopping from our MID Team Experts
  • Successfully measure impact: Understand how to construct assessment such as the rubric criteria created and implemented for MID2, use this rubric criteria to accurately assess learner progress and performance in instructional design principles and assess learner transformation

Program Details:


$4,999 USD per organization, for a minimum of 3 MID201 Accredited Graduates in attendance

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