Enable your team, perform better & power up your business

Gnowbe is an award-winning platform that makes it really easy and fast to digitize the content your teams need and to access ready-made content to improve their performance and productivity anytime, anywhere via mobile, tablet or web – ultimately leading to higher ROI for you.

Enable your workforce to perform at their highest level in engaging, multimedia format


Reduce onboarding time and costs by up to 70%


Boost staff retention up to 20%


Improve employee performance up to 30%


Dramatically accelerate knowledge acquisition with 10-15x higher completion rates*

*over other traditional eLearning platforms


Proven results, with 5x improvement in certification pass rates

Learn = Know-Think-Apply-Share

Designed to help your team activate and practice their skills in a personalized and self-directed manner





Easy authoring Tool

Templates readily available

Mobile and desktop ready

Learn offline

Insights & Analytics

>200 ready-made courses

Introducing the 3 pillars

Digitize your message and vision in multiple contexts from business enablement, communication and eLearning

Helping you improve every aspect of your business

Powering business ROI and readiness of
top performing teams

Join some of the most reputable companies in the world which rely on Gnowbe to deliver business impact through awesome employee experiences.


Gnowbe for Business

Empowering organizations to develop their people at speed and scale for higher performance.


Content Library for Teams

We partner with the world’s leading institutions and thought leaders to deliver their knowledge in bite-sized, engaging ways for your teams to improve their productivity, performance.


Quick and Easy Authoring with Gnowbefy

Gnowbe’s content authoring tool, known as Gnowbefy, is designed based on andragogy (science of adult learning) and the Transformative Learning Theory by Jack Mezirow. With Gnowbefy, Gnowbe’s authoring platform is now taken to mobiles, and authors can easily and quickly transfer content from their mind to Gnowbe. This dramatically cuts down on the author’s time investment into course material.

Higher revenue? Lower costs? Improved employee experience?

How does Gnowbe actually drive business impact? Let our clients do the talking.

Mitsubish and Gnowbe
Why a global conglomerate chose Gnowbe after trying the world’s top e-learning platforms.

365 and Gnowbe
How a very successful leadership training company grew its revenue by 40% while keeping their clients asking for more.

Awarded the
“Most Innovative Mobile Microlearning Platform”

Selected as 2020 eLearning Authoring Tools Watch List Companies by Training Industry
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Brandon Hall Award: Winner of Most Advanced Mobile Technology 
Experience Next-Gen Mobile Microlearning

Learn and grow, wherever life takes you

Drive higher performance by engaging every day.

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