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Gnowbe is redefining digital. Meet our platform, designed to digitize the human experience in multiple contexts from enablement, engagement and learning to knowledge sharing in fun, engaging and agile ways. Gnowbe’s platform allows anyone to author and access ready-made contact anytime, anywhere via mobile, tablet or web in measurable ways.


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Gamified Social Engagement
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Helping you improve every aspect of your business

You can use Gnowbe’s mobile microlearning platform and curated content from the world’s first content library. It is specifically designed for mobile-first skills development

Trusted by the world’s leading companies

Join some of the most reputable companies in the world which rely on Gnowbe to deliver business impact through awesome employee experiences.

Gnowbe aligns people to higher performance.


higher completion rates than any traditional eLearning platforms


higher revenue


lower cost and time to curate


improvement in observed behavior changes

How do we get these results while still having >90% of users who love Gnowbe?

Gnowbe is not just for the self-motivated learner. We use behavior design and gamification techniques to motivate different types of learners to have fun and engage.
Training applied. Gnowbe is not just about delivering more content. It’s about applying what was learned by practicing both in and out of the app while on-the-job.
Gnowbe is easy to use. Anyone can create content in minutes.

Digital Learning 4.0: A simpler, friendlier approach
for the Fourth Industrial Revolution

“Mastery comes via a monomaniacal focus on simplicity versus an addiction to complexity.”
— Robin S. Sharma

Learn = Know-Think-Apply-Share


Engaging videos
Images and quotes to inspire
Speech-to-text and audio for convenience
Short bursts of text


Record reflections
Experiential learning
Deepen understanding
Test your understanding


Practice on-the-job
Create action plan
Reminders to keep you accountable
Prove it, show evidence


Group sharing
Curator connect, coaching and feedback
Private messaging
Like, comment, share

Gnowbe for Business

Empowering organizations to develop their people at speed and scale for higher performance.


Content Library for Teams

We partner with the world’s leading institutions and thought leaders to deliver their knowledge in bite-sized, engaging ways for your teams to improve their productivity, performance.


Redefining Communications with Gnowbefy

Gnowbe’s content authoring tool, known as Gnowbefy, integrates design elements from leading applications for higher learner engagement & training effectiveness. Designed based on andragogy (science of adult learning) and Transformative Learning Theory by Jack Mezirow, the philosophy behind Gnowbefy is condensed into a simple “Learn-Think-Apply-Share” framework which is endorsed by a senior advisory board* of educators and professors from Harvard Business School, IMD Business School.

How effective is your employee training?

When training sessions are bite-sized, personal, and designed for your smartphone, training is at your fingertips anytime, anywhere. Customers are recipients of your employees’ increased knowledge and service which helps keep your business growing.

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Focusing on business impact

Social Learning to leverage peer knowledge.

Social Learning to leverage peer knowledge.

You are never alone in Gnowbe. Learners are always part of a group to discuss, debate and learn from the collective experience of the organization.  Gnowbe is the “Facebook of Learning.”

Applied learning because impact is about what you can do, not just what you know.

Applied learning impact isn’t just what you know . . . it’s what can you do with it?

Gnowbe is designed for learn-by-doing to encourage learners to not just know things, but to think, apply and share to build skills.  Based on andragogy (the science of adult learning), Gnowbe digitizes the employee experience across the 70-20-10 of learning from formal knowledge to peer learning to on-the-job experiences with daily bite-sized practice and feedback.

Content curation goes mobile. Seriously mobile.

Content curation goes mobile. Seriously mobile.

Save 70% of the time and cost of curation. Create new content in minutes from your favorite device. Say good-bye to cumbersome edit cycles and say hello to instant curation and editing on-the-go.

Gamification and fun drives higher engagement.

Gamification and fun drive higher engagement.

Learning can be and should be fun. Gnowbe applies gamification principles creating friendly competition with an element of surprise. We use behavior design through nudges, reminders and spaced repetition to make learning stick. This is why more than 90% love learning with Gnowbe. Our clients see ten times higher engagement with us than other leading e-learning platforms.

Awesome analytics to make better decisions.

Awesome analytics to make better decisions.

Gnowbe’s proprietary data & analytics platform, GnowbeEngine™, empowers you to evaluate your employee’s skills and performance anytime by accessing real-time data, assessments, and analytics.  

Seamless software integration so Gnowbe just plugs right in.

Seamless software integration so Gnowbe just plugs right in.

Gnowbe integrates with over 200 of the most popular software systems, including LMS’ like SAP SuccessFactors, popular CRM and productivity tools, such as HubSpot, Slack, and Google. Seamless integrations ensure all of your data is integrated with existing systems for the best employee experience.

Real stories by real customers

Higher revenue? Lower costs? Improved employee experience?

How does Gnowbe actually drive business impact? Let our clients do the talking.

Mitsubish and Gnowbe
Why a global conglomerate chose Gnowbe after trying the world’s top e-learning platforms.

365 and Gnowbe
How a very successful leadership training company grew its revenue by 40% while keeping their clients asking for more.

Learn and grow, wherever life takes you

Drive higher performance by engaging every day.

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