MID201 Accreditation: Microlearning Instructional Design™

In a world inundated with information, there is a need more than ever before, to create unforgettable, effective and highly collaborative learning experiences that are relevant and engaging. With the basics of MID101 under your belt, it's time to delve into the "heart and soul" of microlearning instructional design and learn how to curate impactful content at the program level, now that you've aced content at the session level. To create a rich learning journey for participants (that actually achieves measurable impact) is an art and a science and this is the goal of MID201. Learn the tools of the trade that our MID Team at Gnowbe use with clients every day and become our next accredited "Gnowbefyer" of content!

By The End of This Program, You Will:

  • Acquire a learner-centered mobile-first, microlearning mindset towards digital learning, training, and facilitation
  • Understand how learning theories can and should shape the content and activities that you create and the flow of the learning experience that you design
  • Acquire essential tips and techniques on how to apply Mobile Microlearning Instructional Design (MID) principles to create effective and immersive microlearning programs
  • Leverage AI tools, prompts and strategies effectively during the Microlearning Instructional Design building process

Program Details:

  • 12 week program length
  • Journey successfully through Gnowbe's MID201 Program
  • Create and submit three unique programs for feedback and assessment: Personal program, Soft Skills Program, Technical skills Program
  • Attend a mandatory MID201 Workshop & Masterclass (3 hours)
  • Submit your work for review & accreditation
  • Fun fact: Gnowbe brought in an Academic Advisory Council to advise them on the methodology of MID101. That Council are the signers of the MID101 digital certificates. They are none other than: Professor Dominique Turpin (former President of IMD), Professor John J-H Kim from Harvard Business School and Professor Neo Boon Siong (former Dean 2x of Nanyang Business School of NTU).
  • *MID101 is a prerequisite for MID201


Standard Cost $4,999

*Can't afford MID201? Apply for a scholarship to get a significant discount off the standard price.

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