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Session 2:

Transforming Behaviors and Mindsets with Microlearning

This live portion of this session has passed, but the recording and interactive program continue to be available. The group board and interactive elements are still live and you will be able to network and interact within the Gnowbe Program. Upon completion of this program you will receive your digital certificate.

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What to Expect

Join industry leaders and fellow forward-thinkers as you explore cutting-edge trends in dynamic speaker sessions, interactive polls, and engaging Q&A opportunities.

This collaborative learning experience will empower you to tackle the hottest industry topics with fresh perspectives.

Don’t just keep up with the trends—set them!

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  • Understand the principles of ‘Behavior Design’ and how it can be powerfully used to change behaviors and mindsets for corporate training programs

  • Learn to design interventions such as daily nudges, messaging and automated sequencing to positively influence behavior and drive desired outcomes.

  • Learn to automate systems that create behavior change, daily habits, and increase retention & completion rates.

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Meet the Contributors

So-Young Kang
Gnowbe Founder & CEO

Passionate about maximizing human potential and humanizing the world, So-Young designs innovative solutions to help individuals and companies better align what's on the inside with what's on the outside. So-Young is a global citizen who's traveled to nearly 50 countries. She is also a Transformation Designer, mobile tech entrepreneur, education expert, global speaker, CEO coach and advisor, innovator, TEDster, pioneer, culture connector, design thinker, StrengthsFinder expert, and Davos 2018 Speaker.

Nicola Murphy
Head of Microlearning Instructional Design

Nicola Murphy has an extensive background in education, curriculum development and teacher training and works for Gnowbe as the Head of Microlearning Instructional Design and Success Manager Lead. Originally from New Zealand, Nicola is passionate about equipping leaders, instructors, teachers and content creators with innovative strategies and tech solutions to maximize learner engagement, knowledge retention, performance and impact, both online and in person.

Gregor Jarisch
CTO of Gnowbe

Chatbot Enthusiast, Entrepreneur & Innovation Developer. One of the leading chatbot developers in Europe, Gregor has been developing professional chatbots since 2006. Chatbot Lead at DIFFER, an AI-driven chatbot used to increase engagement and retention in education. Inventor & Dev Lead at E.D.D.I, an Open Source Chatbot Framework for Enterprises. Former Founder & CTO of Spoken Language System, Software Enthusiast, Agile Coach, and Innovation Manager.

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