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Gnowbe at ATD

Gnowbe at the Association for Talent Development (ATD) Conference!

Gnowbe, the award-winning mobile-first learning and engagement platform, is proud to announce its participation in the Association for Talent Development (ATD) International Conference and Exposition. The event is expected to draw talent development professionals and industry leaders from around the world.

As one of the exhibitors at the conference, Gnowbe is excited to showcase its innovative approach to corporate learning and development. With a focus on personalized, bite-sized, and gamified learning experiences, Gnowbe's platform helps organizations to engage their employees, increase knowledge retention, drive business outcomes and provide a simple way for people to create their own content.

What's ATD?

The Association for Talent Development (ATD) Conference is an annual gathering that serves as a pivotal event for professionals in the learning and development industry. With a reputation for bringing together thought leaders, innovators, and practitioners in the field, the ATD Conference is a hub for knowledge sharing, networking, and the exploration of cutting-edge technologies. In this blog post, we'll delve into what the ATD Conference is all about and how Gnowbe, a leading EdTech company, participated in this prestigious event.

Learn more about ATD here.

Key Highlights of the ATD Conference

  1. World-Class Speakers: The ATD Conference features renowned speakers and thought leaders who share their expertise and insights on a wide range of topics related to talent development, leadership, and learning.
  2. Interactive Workshops: Attendees have the opportunity to participate in hands-on workshops, gaining practical skills and knowledge that they can apply in their workplaces.
  3. Exhibition Hall: The conference hosts a bustling exhibition hall where exhibitors showcase their products and services, allowing attendees to explore cutting-edge solutions in talent development and learning technologies.
  4. Networking Opportunities: The event fosters networking opportunities, enabling professionals to connect with peers, mentors, and potential collaborators.
  5. Innovation and Trends: The ATD Conference is a hub for discovering the latest innovations and trends in the field of talent development and learning.

Gnowbe's Impactful Participation

Gnowbe, a pioneer in mobile-first microlearning and engagement solutions, played a significant role in the ATD Conference, leaving a lasting impression on attendees with its innovative offerings.

  1. Engaging Workshops: Gnowbe hosted interactive workshops that showcased the power of its mobile microlearning platform. Attendees had the opportunity to experience firsthand how Gnowbe's technology can revolutionize employee training and development.
  2. Live Demos: The Gnowbe booth in the exhibition hall was a hotspot of activity. The team provided live demos, allowing conference-goers to explore the platform's features and benefits.
  3. Thought Leadership: Gnowbe's experts were featured speakers, sharing their insights on the future of learning, mobile-first strategies, and the impact of microlearning in talent development.
  4. Networking and Collaboration: Gnowbe actively engaged with conference attendees, fostering connections and partnerships that could lead to innovative learning solutions for organizations.


The ATD Conference is an essential event for professionals in the learning and development industry, providing a platform for knowledge exchange, networking, and exposure to cutting-edge technologies. Gnowbe's participation in the conference showcased its commitment to innovation and its dedication to transforming the way organizations approach talent development. As a leading EdTech company, Gnowbe's presence at the ATD Conference left a profound impact, highlighting its position as a key player in the evolution of learning and development.

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