10 Sales Enablement Best Practices To Boost Sales

When it comes to a business, sales are a key factor. Sales enablement activities are a hot topic among many businesses as it may help increase the company’s revenue. Follow our sales enablement best practices and you’ll be closing deals in no time!

What is sales enablement?

Sales enablement is a way for the sales team to make use of various resources such as content and training to sell the company’s product or service to potential customers. 

A good balance of sales enablement could help enhance the overall productivity and performance of the sales team. Check out below for sales enablement tips! 

1. Get to know your users well 

You have to identify the users to make sure your sales process is aligned with their journey. For instance, knowing what your user's needs, wants and requirements are would be ideal so that you can offer an experience that will lead you to close the deal. Observe how the customer reacts and understand their main concerns regarding your product or service. 

2. Provide training for your sales team 

As a company grows, the employees have to grow too. It’s important to ensure your sales team is getting the latest knowledge and skills to keep up with modern times. You can offer various workshops, tools, and seminars for the employees. 

3. Identify the main objectives and goals 

One of the sales best practices is that every sales representative should have a clear goal and objective in mind in order to achieve good revenue growth. Consider planning out a realistic timeline so that you can produce deliverables according to the set dates. 

4. Hold weekly meetings 


Weekly meetings aren’t a waste of time when you are brainstorming as a team to plan an effective strategy. For instance, with every meeting, try to understand everyone’s pain points or struggles. That way, everyone on the team will be able to help each other out by offering suggestions. You can also go through a list of achievements made by every team member so that everyone learns how to make successful sales calls too. 

5. Follow up with sales calls 

You should always track sales calls made by individual sales representatives. That way, you are able to measure the effectiveness of each sales call. Some of the ways you can track sales calls would be: 

  • Based on whether the sales call was a successful one 
  • If the customer was highly engaged 
  • If there were improvements to be made 

6. Hire the right team

Though it can be difficult to get the right people in your sales team, it does make a difference to your revenue. Maintaining consistent sales is a tough job, and the ones that are good at it will be of high value to a company. Try to conduct thorough interviews so that you’re confident in hiring the best talents. 

7. Communicate among other teams 

A good practice for sales reps would be to communicate more with other team members, especially from the marketing team. The key to successful sales strategies would be to combine sales and marketing together as they go hand in hand. Hence why it’s important for them to work together. 

8. Get to know the high-performing sales reps 

Every sales team will have a top performer who will consistently close deals. The key to a company’s success is to retain them as long as possible. Other than that, it’s best to always learn from them and identify their strategies so that other sales reps can follow the same path. 

9. Make use of automation

Another sales best practice would be to automate most of your less-important tasks. Automation has saved hours of manual labour. You only have 24 hours a day, and most people tend to waste time performing tasks that are repetitive and tedious. You’ll end up spending all your hours on tasks that don’t help bring revenue to the company. 

Consider automating most of your administrative tasks such as your email follow-ups. This provides more time for the sales rep to close potential deals. 

10. Start using a sales enablement platform

Explore the wonders of a sales enablement platform as it could improve your sales strategy by offering a one-stop solution for everything you need. Implementing a sales enablement platform is one of the sales best practices for everyone involved in the training to oversee important information. 

The platform can greatly streamline the sales process, including training, reporting, planning, and many more. Consider Gnowbe for improving your sales enablement!

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