3 Must-Know Tips To Write The Perfect Push Notification!

Jit Hin

| The Power of Push Notifications

I’m sure we’re all familiar with what push notifications are - clickable messages that pop up on our mobile screens, jolting our phones awake with a short buzz and alerting us to the latest information our downloaded apps have to offer. Gnowbe, too, leverages the power of push notifications to optimize learning experiences and drive user engagement, giving you the ability to communicate directly with your users and keep learning top of mind amidst their daily activities.

Gnowbe’s push messaging feature allows you to engage your learners in various ways. Be it teasing them with upcoming content, sending out targeted program completion reminders, or inspiring them with motivational messages, push notifications help keep your learners in the loop of things and nudge them towards engaging with their Gnowbe program(s)!

Examples of different push notifications.

| Top Tips For Crafting Effective Push Notifications

For your push notifications to work effectively, you will need to craft copies that can stand out from the sea of alerts we get daily. So, how can your message cut through the noise? We present the following tips:

1. Keep it short and sweet

Brevity and clarity are key. No one wants to read lengthy messages on the phone screen. A short and direct message will often work very well in capturing your user’s attention and getting your point across.

2. Personalize your messages

Level up your notifications by using the {{name}} function to greet learners by their names or the {{completion}} and {{completionLeft}} functions to specify their learning progress. Also, consider using emojis to add a touch of friendliness and vibrancy to your messages! The goal here is to make our learners feel important with an individualized interaction.

3. Appeal to emotions

Craft messages that will elicit an emotional response from your learners. They will naturally feel more enticed to take action if you can successfully arouse their interest!
For example, think of how you can provide a sense of urgency, spark curiosity, or create excitement to (re)engage learners.

We highly encourage you to utilize push notifications to enhance your users' learning experience! These little nudges go a long way towards fostering active learning and building consistent learning habits. To help you along, here are a few resources:

  • For curators, click here to learn more about how you may embed daily notifications within the design of your Gnowbe programs using our Daily Messaging feature.
  • For admins and agents, click here to learn more about how you may send/schedule notifications through the Gnowbe Dashboard.

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