4 Tips For Catalyzing Social Sharing On Gnowbe! 🚀

Jit Hin
October 25, 2021

Curators play a huge role in encouraging interaction between learners and fostering a robust social learning environment. As part of creating incredible Gnowbe learning experiences, we always encourage our curators to provide opportunities for learners to express themselves and allow them to share opinions and feedback to improve engagement and knowledge retention.

So here are a few tips curators can employ in their subsequent programs to help stimulate conversations and interaction within their learning community!

Scaffold The Experience

As learners might feel hesitant to share their thoughts in a new learning environment, the idea here is to help them overcome the inertia by having them answer simple questions at the start of their learning journey! For example, curators can think of getting learners to introduce themselves to their learning community or go through a few fun icebreaker questions to ease them into the idea of sharing their responses to the group board. These simple questions will help learners get comfortable penning down their thoughts and sharing them on Gnowbe!

Examples of simple icebreaker questions.

Sharing As An Activity

Designate time for learners to go through the group board as an activity in itself. By giving learners clear instructions to leave feedback/comments on the group board as part of their learning experience, they are being actively prompted to communicate and interact with one another!

Example of giving learners clear instructions to interact on the group board.

Appoint Firestarters

Firestarters refer to a group of people who are responsible for igniting interactions within the learning community. This could be an internal team of learners or even the curator(s) themselves, and the idea here is to have them be the first few to start posting and sharing to spark the group board to life! This allows your regular learners to view a populated group board when you invite them to share. They’ll definitely feel more inspired and at ease to contribute, seeing that others are already doing so!

Firestarters help to ignite conversations within the learning community!

Reward active learners!

Our weekly journey emails showcase the top learners with the highest number of likes and comments. Leverage this resource to reward active participants within the group, and this will go a long way towards incentivizing and encouraging learners to be more involved in utilizing the group board!

Leverage the weekly journey leaderboard to reward active learners!

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