5 Cool Workflow Ideas to Optimize Your Gnowbe Activities!  😎

Jit Hin
October 25, 2021

If you don’t already know, you can now use Gnowbe’s integration with Zapier! Zapier is an online tool that allows you to automate workflows by creating Zaps - commands containing a trigger and an action for a task you want to perform repeatedly.

Here are five cool Zapier integrations you can utilize to optimize your Gnowbe activities!

1. Get notifications on Slack/Microsoft Teams every time someone shares a response to the group board.

This workflow can help stimulate engagement among learners by bringing greater visibility to group board activities. For example, in an onboarding context, employees can all receive notifications on team chats and be nudged back into their Gnowbe onboarding program(s) to interact with new hires whenever they share a post on the group board!

2. Get notifications on Slack/Microsoft Teams every time a learner submits a document.

This workflow will be particularly useful for admins/agents who want to stay up to date on any submission-based activities as they will receive instant notifications via chat messages every time a learner uploads a file into Gnowbe.

3. Add learners to a Google calendar invite once they open a program.

This workflow will be useful for admins/agents who require their learners to attend webinars/workshops/classes as part of their learning curriculum. Sending out a calendar invite when learners first open their program can give them a heads-up on any upcoming meeting(s) and serve as a program completion reminder!

4. Update a Google spreadsheet every time a learner completes a program.

This workflow helps compile a list of users who have completed their Gnowbe program(s) into a Google sheet. This will come in really handy for admins/agents managing many learners who are going through different programs and want a glance into overall program completion status!

5. Give learners access to Gnowbe programs once a purchase is made on Stripe.

We will use Gnowbe as an action instead of a trigger in this example. This workflow streamlines the user invitation process and will be especially useful for training companies using Gnowbe as part of their solutions. With this automation in place, customers can be given immediate access to their Gnowbe program(s) once a purchase is made (no more need for an admin/agent to provide access!). You can further customize the workflow to include having a welcome email sent out for every user invitation if you like.

And that's it! Ready to begin automating your workflow with Zapier? Click here for a step-by-step guide on how to use Zapier with Gnowbe.

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