5 Little-Known Gnowbe Features You Should Be Using Today! 🚀

Jit Hin
October 25, 2021

To make sure you know just how powerful Gnowbe can get, we’ve put together 5 lesser-known features that will maximize the way curators are designing learning experiences on Gnowbe. Read ahead to find out more and add extra tools to your curation arsenal!

| Inline Explanation

The inline explanation feature allows curators to display a short piece of text over specific words or phrases in their programs. Learners can bring out the inline explanation by hovering over the highlighted text. Use this feature to provide simple definitions or brief explanations of key concepts to help learners at the point of their learning!

Click here to learn how to add inline explanations.

| Notes

Learners can use our Notes feature to highlight and save important content for later reference or capture any quick thoughts throughout their learning journey.

Learn more about using Notes here.

| Resources

Resources is our file sharing feature that allows curators to store files on Gnowbe and share them with learners. For example, suppose there are reference materials you want to share with learners (e.g., Word documents, PDF files, Excel sheets, etc.), you can upload these files into our Resources feature to generate a shareable download link for them.

Learn how here.

| Automated Email Message

This feature allows curators to automatically trigger customized emails to learners after they have completed specific actions in their program. This is a convenient feature for curators who want to automate the sharing of exclusive resources, rewards, or post-program materials (surveys, sign-up forms, etc.) with learners.

Learn how to set up automated emails here

| Star Ratings

The Star Ratings feature is an evaluation tool for curators to survey learners and gain real-time feedback about their program.Curators can pose questions based on various KPIs, and this data will be aggregated and displayed on Gnowbe Dashboard (our backend administrative platform) for easy analysis of their program’s performance.

Learn more about using Star Ratings here.

And that's it! Check out our Gnowbe Blog here to pick up nifty tips and tricks to level up your program authoring with our collection of MID articles.

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