Benefits of Upskilling Employees For Your Organization

Kirsten Mount
July 15, 2022

Most companies these days are trying to upskill employees in order to improve revenue and sales. However, not many are familiar with how important it is to upskill employees. If you’re wondering what is upskilling and wish to practise this in your company, this article explains the benefits of upskilling employees and more.

What is upskilling?

For those who are unaware, upskilling is the process of developing or training employees by equipping them with the latest skills and knowledge. Furthermore, it provides a brighter career path for the employees to further enhance their expertise. 

Benefits of upskilling employees for employers 

Benefits of upskilling employees for employers

Why should employers invest in upskilling employees? There are various benefits as to what happens to a company when regular upskilling is being practised. Below are some of them:

1. Improve employee retention

No employee will stay in a company that doesn’t invest in its employees. Employees don’t leave their jobs unless they foresee a bright future with the company. To encourage employees to stay longer in the company, employers should provide a space for them to grow and reach greater heights in their careers within the company. 

2. Save cost in the long run

The cost of replacing an employee can be expensive. Hiring a new employee involves training and advertising, which is double the cost of the current’s annual salary. In fact, an employer has to consider the time taken for the new employee to adjust, losing productivity at the same time. 

3. Improve the company’s reputation

If a company is upskilling its employees, it’ll make the employees feel happy and satisfied, causing them to spread the word among their peers. As the word gets out on how a company invests in its employees to prepare them for the future, the company will be one of the highly recommended employers to work with.

4. Satisfy customers

Happy customers are the key to any company to survive. When an employee is satisfied with their job or workplace, they’ll treat the customers better too. Besides, upskilling an employee helps them to stay updated and keep up with the current trends. That way, employees are able to provide the best experience to customers.

5. Prepares for the future

Unexpected challenges or events may occur in the future. By preparing your employees for the future, your company will be able to tackle any challenges efficiently. 

Benefits of upskilling for employees

Benefits of upskilling for employees

What do employees benefit from upskilling? Well, employees have the most to gain from upskilling programs. Here are some of the benefits: 

1. Boost productivity

When employees go through training, naturally, their productivity increases thanks to the new skills and knowledge they’ve gained. With the newly equipped skills and knowledge, they’ll also be able to complete tasks more effectively and efficiently. 

2. Identify or close skill gaps

As an employer, it’s close to impossible to keep track of the skills that your company falls short of. Through regular upskilling, your company can identify what’s lacking and improve the current employees instead of hiring new employees to fill those gaps. 

3. Boost an employee’s morale

Employees who are regularly trained tend to be happier in the long run as they feel confident in their career development. This helps to give them a brighter perspective in life too, making them feel happier working for the company. 

4. Improve an employee’s soft skills

Upskilling is not just about technical skills! A well-rounded employee is someone who has a  good balance of both soft and technical skills.

5. Improve work quality

Confident employees tend to perform the best. Companies can improve the overall standard of work quality by upskilling them. 

How to upskill employees?

How to upskill employees

There are plenty of ways you can upskill your employees. If you need some ideas on how to upskill employees, here are some recommended ways to do so: 

1. Provide online training programs

One of the best ways to upskill employees would be to offer online training programs that make it easy for employees to access them anytime and anywhere. For instance, Gnowbe is a comprehensive platform that allows companies to create an interactive program including uploading documents and videos. 

2. Adapt to the different learning styles

Everyone has their own preferred way of learning. For example, certain employees would rather watch a video instead of reading through coursebooks. Companies should get to know what are some of the ways you can adjust to all the learning styles. 

3. Encourage feedback from employees

Getting constant feedback from your employees could help a company understand what kind of upskilling they need. It’ll also help give a rough idea on how to create an upskilling program that interests them.

Now that you know how important it is to upskill employees, all the more reason for you to create training programs with Gnowbe! Download the app today to prepare your employees for a brighter future ahead!

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