Better Engage Your Virtual Audience – Before, During & After the Presentation


In the past, the adoption of the ‘hope and pray’ strategy was widespread. Our participants and learners are made to sit through face-to-face training for hours on end, while we hope and pray. We hope that participants are aligned in their learning and will emerge from training with an increase in their knowledge.

Now, it is time to bid that strategy farewell. In recent times when face-to-face training is no longer an option, true digital transformation comes into play. A digitally transformed experience is not just moving your real-life meetings online. It’s a reimagined, blended experience that engages communities pre, during, and post workshops.

Say goodbye to video calls – a one-way communication where the soft-spoken ones are not heard. Say goodbye to one-time webinars, which will be forgotten and cannot be referred to again once it ends.

At Gnowbe, we redefine digital.

Scale your programs for anyone in any city, anytime, and anywhere. Gnowbe allows you to segment your program into three parts – before, during, and after. Here is how.

Before the event

Have you ever wanted to engage your audience before they join you in your workshop, presentation, or webinar, but never knew how?

As a starter, Gnowbe allows you to create daily or weekly countdowns to motivate and remind your audience about the upcoming webinar – through automated emails or application notifications. Before the event commences, use your emails to direct your audience into your program and engage in pre-event actions and introductions.

In your pre-event session, feel free to introduce yourself! Speaker biographies, polls, and questionnaires can be used to let your audience know you before you dive into the real deal – your content. Here, it is also a great opportunity for you to know your audience’s needs to create a safe space for them. Know if they are vocal or not, or know what they want to gain out of this session.

Want to get your audiences to know each other?

Ice-breakers and fun exercises introduced here can now engage every single one of your audience even before they have a chance to meet each other whether it is in-person or online.

Here’s a tip! If you are afraid of your audience viewing other sessions and their respective content, you can utilize the types of learning modes to lock your sessions. Click here to learn more.

Your pre-event program also allows your audience to understand the purpose and agenda of the event. Any pre-event readings or activities can be inserted here to deepen their initial understanding of the content before the event begins. Questions and administrative content are effectively passed down which reduces the time spent for all participants.

The Rating action can be used to understand their level of knowledge before and after your event. This lets you measure your effectiveness and gain feedback easily – all within the same app for free.

What happens during the event?

Now, creating a WOW experience for your audience during your workshop or presentation is extremely easy with Gnowbe. We help you to create a fully seamless experience while increasing group engagement by integrating different types of learning platforms all into one place – Gnowbe.

The use of external websites and software during your online video call is surely able to increase the engagement of your audience. However, the fact that users are required to be brought to other windows or applications is a big deterrence. Most users refuse to participate or take the extra step to access a second site.

Gnowbe solves this for you by making it as uninterrupted as possible. Embedding of external websites or programs is possible using our Web Link or External Web Link action.

Gaming software such as Kahoot is embedded directly into our programs as one action, as seen.

Additionally, group engagement is heightened with Gnowbe.

  • Create a fuller experience for your learners using the wide array of different actions available. With an individual group board per program, users can interact with other users and learn together as a community.
  • Questions and reflections posted on the group board can be answered in real-time.
  • Users can be complimented and they can provide ratings of your program for you to improve constantly.
  • Additional resources can also be provided to your users.

What’s more?

All of these interactions and questions will not disappear when the call ends – unlike that of a video conference chatbox.

  • All these engagements will remain collated in one single location, the Gnowbe program.
  • It is therefore easily accessible either on the Gnowbe mobile app (from the Apple Store or Play Store) or on Gnowbe Web and can always be referred to again once required.

You, as a curator, can also garner feedback during your workshop, webinar, or presentation through the Message function. Soft-spoken users can ask you questions or provide feedback whenever they want. You can also address their feedback or questions after your program ends. This is essential to gather opinions even from the most soft-spoken ones, as every opinion matters.

Tips: Know what kind of actions to use to engage your audience and bring your users on a learning journey! Find our best practices right here!

After the event – maintaining and measuring your impact

After the workshop, track your impact using Gnowbe’s comprehensive Analytics Dashboard. On Gnowbe’s Analytic Dashboard (link to how to measure success), user analytics including their qualitative and quantitative data can be found.

As an overview, you can see how many users have signed up for your program. Zooming in, you can track your user’s individual completion rates. Star ratings are also analyzed to track your program’s performance.

Gnowbe is a free-for-all. You can create programs and share them with anyone at no charge. However, our back-end analytics can only be accessed with a purchased plan.
Contact our friendly Gnowbeans and request for a demo today.

Moreover, your users can always revisit the program to catch up on any content they might have forgotten or missed out during your workshop. This is unlike mere video calls or one-time webinars, which cannot be referred to again once it ends.

Changes to any programs can also be made for all users immediately. Users are able to enter the program and see exactly where an update was made and head straight into learning. This way, users can constantly stay updated on any updates in content and continue learning on the go.

Any hardcopy or visual learners in your audience? No worries! With Workbook, your audience can print the entire set of content – including their own answers, laid out in the program as a PDF file

Any additional resources you have that need to be shared with your audience, but they are too wordy or huge? With our Resources goodie bag, larger files with the full content can be stored here and easily accessed by your audience. Simply upload your files into the goodie bag and use the sharing link in any part of your program or even in your emails.

Lastly, with Gnowbe, you can stay in their minds. Engage and connect with your users even after the workshop or webinar has ended. Easily schedule push notifications or automated emails. Emphasize a point once again, or upsell your content effortlessly with Gnowbe.

Ready? It’s your turn!

Ready to kickstart your very own powerful digitalized experience for your audience?
Creating a powerful and fully digitalized experience is possible and easy with the right tools.

With Gnowbe, anyone can create.

Take your workshops, webinars, or presentations to the next level. To learn how Gnowbe can transform you and your user’s experience online and to request a demo of our mobile-first microlearning solution, click here now. Or simply download and sign up for a free Gnowbe account today.

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