Conference Key Highlights | The New Future of Face-to-Face: Reshaping Digital Learning and Work

Pam Cho
October 26, 2021

The pandemic has fundamentally changed the way we work and learn. We had to quickly adopt new technologies such as virtual meetings and cloud technology to facilitate workplace communication and collaboration. While we acknowledge that going digital is a must, how will our experience in learning and working look like in a post-COVID world?

As part of Apiday’s Live Singapore 2021, our founder & CEO, So-Young Kang was invited to share her thoughts on it.

Here are the key highlights from the conference:

1. Normalization of Low Touch Economy

Companies have recognized that it is possible to maintain operations through digital means, and employees have displayed their preference to work from home. Hence, it is clear that hybrid is here to stay.

2. New Mindsets

The pandemic has busted the myth that working from home and online training is ineffective and impractical. Going digital is also no longer simply putting a video with quizzes for users, but it is about humanizing users’ digital experience by introducing elements of social learning, gamification and participation. After all, we are social beings who crave for meaningful interactions and learn best through discussion.

3. New Skills

Traditionally, adult learners pick up new skills through group-based workshops led by an in-person trainer. Now, it is increasingly facilitated through digital devices such as mobiles and desktops which sometimes could be perceived as a one-sided informational dump. With shorter attention spans and multiple cases of “Zoom fatigue”, one-way online learning is unlikely to be effective. Therefore, it is critical to reshape the delivery of digital learning and find ways to drive on-the-job application in the new normal.

4. New Decision-Making Criteria

Companies typically make top-down technological decisions but with remote work becoming mainstream, employees are likely to have more autonomy in deciding which app or software is going to help in their hybrid model of work and learn. Consequently, seamless integration among diverse digital tools through APIs would become pertinent in creating a holistic digital experience for users.

If you are preparing to navigate the new future of face-to-face, Gnowbe is here to guide you. Get in touch with us here.

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