Designing E-Learning to Mimic the Human Experience

October 25, 2021

When I say “E-learning”, what do you think of? Most commonly it is a computer screen, videos, and powerpoint slides. As innovative as it tries to be, E-learning is largely contained within such parameters – but does it really have to be so dull? Gnowbe humanizes the process of learning and development through experience and action.

1) Gnowbe values collaboration.

Learners share their thoughts to a Group Board and can interact with each others’ posts. Trainers can also interact with posts and users and have the further option to analyze statistics and track their users. This way, learning becomes a team effort and everyone can learn from each other in the course. As Isaac Newton said, “If I have seen further than others, it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants.” Gnowbe encourages growth by standing upon the shoulders of giants.

2) Gnowbe walks you through the whole process.

Finding it difficult to send out emails, powerpoint slides, and to set up webinars before or after a workshop? What about being able to keep in touch and supplement more material to learners? As well as analyzing statistics and keeping track of users?

Gnowbe is the one-stop platform for all those needs, and everything from automated emails to uploading documents and user statistics is at the trainer’s disposal. This aids in the process of improving their workshop and saving time. Gnowbe’s functions can also span the pre- and post-workshop processes: from providing background information and pre-workshop quizzes on the subject of concern, to the post-workshop processes of reviewing knowledge shared. This streamlines learning and provides consistency for both learners and trainers.

3) Gnowbe allows creative freedom.

Gnowbe is designed to mimic the human experience — and we wouldn’t want a robot for a teacher. Gnowbe is designed to empower the trainer to interact with its users, insert encouragements, and to show their personality through their course design. Using Gnowbe, the trainer’s personality will inevitably overflow into the course they design, letting the course have a human touch. This way, trainers can avoid designing a robotic program.

How it works: UX and features that drive behaviour change

Watch our CEO So-Young Kang introduce the concept of ‘blended learning’ below, or visit our Youtube channel for more informative videos.

Click here to request a free demo of how our platform can deliver your training program, or view our library of available courses.

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