Future Skills to Equip and Engage the GenZ Workforce

So-Young Kang
October 26, 2021

Why Everyone Needs to Learn How to Train

How do we handle the evolving challenges of the modern workforce?

Engaging the modern workforce, particularly Generation Z (Gen Z), presents unique challenges and opportunities for businesses. The "Zoomer" workforce is rapidly changing and becoming more remote, tech savvy and distracted. Understanding their pain points and addressing their needs is crucial for attracting and retaining top talent.

Here are some key pain points and business rationales for why businesses need to adapt their engagement strategies:

Tech-savvy expectations:

Gen Z has grown up in a digital era, surrounded by technology. They expect seamless integration of technology in the workplace, from learning to communication tools to project management software. Businesses need to invest in modern tech infrastructure to meet these expectations and facilitate efficient workflows.

Flexibility and work-life balance:

Unlike previous generations, Gen Z prioritizes flexibility and work-life balance. They value autonomy and seek workplaces that offer remote work options, flexible schedules, and opportunities for personal growth outside of traditional office hours. Businesses need to embrace remote work policies and flexible scheduling to accommodate these preferences.

Purpose-driven work:

Gen Z is known for being socially and environmentally conscious. They seek employers who share their values and prioritize corporate social responsibility (CSR). Businesses need to align their missions with social and environmental causes and demonstrate a commitment to making a positive impact on society.

Continuous learning and development:

Gen Z recognizes the importance of lifelong learning and skill development in a rapidly evolving job market. They expect employers to provide opportunities for professional growth, such as mentorship programs, training workshops, and access to online learning resources. Businesses need to invest in employee development initiatives to attract and retain top talent.

Feedback and recognition:

Gen Z craves frequent feedback and recognition for their contributions. They prefer a coaching-style approach to management, where they receive regular performance evaluations and constructive criticism. Businesses need to establish transparent communication channels and recognition programs to provide ongoing feedback and acknowledge employee achievements.

Diversity and inclusion:

Gen Z values diversity and inclusion in the workplace and expects employers to foster a culture of belonging where everyone feels respected and valued. Businesses need to prioritize diversity initiatives, such as inclusive hiring practices and diversity training programs, to create a welcoming environment for all employees.

Trends for the modern workforce, including Gen Z, indicate a shift towards remote work, a focus on work-life balance, and an emphasis on continuous learning and development. To address these trends and support the needs of the modern workforce, businesses must adapt their engagement strategies accordingly. Companies need to be digitally relevant and constantly develop and equip their workforce as the need to learn on-the-job is constantly evolving.

So, Who Is Responsible for Workforce Training?

Is this just an L&D or HR problem?

It’s everyone’s job to be a trainer now.

Enter: the immediate need for user-friendly rapid training solutions.

When managers need their teams to learn something new, they typically go to their HR, L&D, Sales Enablement or Ops departments to ask for support to train their teams on x skill, y knowledge and z policies.

Now the speed and volume of new information that has to be consumed, understood and applied is overwhelming and managers can no longer wait months to send their teams to train. When a new tool is introduced, the team needs to learn how to use it immediately. There is a new SOP, employees need to start applying it on the job. New hires just joined, they can’t wait for the next onboarding session to be scheduled and sit unproductively until then. There is a new sales strategy on how to beat your biggest competitor. Do you want your sales teams to wait for a few months while corporate HQ designs the official sales training on this or do you want your team to exceed their sales targets this quarter?

We need both structured learning that is company-wide, consistent, well vetted as well as prepared and unstructured learning on-the-job.

It’s increasingly becoming critical for everyone to learn how to quickly design, deliver and measure training in real-time. Whether you are in HR, L&D, Sales Enablement, Ops, IT, Compliance or a Manager who cares about developing your team, this is a new required skill. 

It’s everyone’s job to be a trainer now and the expectation is to do it in ways that are both engaging and effective. Not really your area of expertise? Time to learn!

Are you preparing for the future of training?

These new challenges require everyone to develop new skills. One of the core skills required is how to train the modern workforce more effectively. Microlearning Instructional Design™ (MID) is a methodology to empower and equip managers and leaders to quickly and effectively train others better.

Microlearning Instructional Design™ (MID) is the art and science of creating bite-sized, social, eLearning experiences leveraging storytelling, gamification, and behavior nudges to move users from ‘passive to active’ participation.

MID combines microlearning (bite-sized information) with instructional design research and methodology for better outcomes. Grounded in over 30 years of research in adult learning, human development, and behavior design science and can be applied in all training contexts including in person, blended, flipped, hybrid, fully digital, synchronous and asynchronous.

As the workforce evolves, it’s time for leaders, managers, trainers and teams to evolve and constantly develop new skills as well.

Developing New Skills for Training the Modern Workforce

As the landscape of workplace training continues to evolve, staying ahead requires proactive engagement and continuous learning. Here are some effective ways you and your team can prepare for the future of training:

  • Attend Webinars: Participate in webinars to stay updated on the latest trends and techniques in training and development. These sessions are often led by industry experts and provide valuable insights into effective training strategies.
  • Join Online Groups and Communities: Connect with like-minded professionals in online groups and communities. Platforms like LinkedIn and specialized forums offer spaces where you can discuss, share, and learn from peers across the globe.
  • Take Training Courses: Invest time in training courses during your spare time. Online platforms offer a variety of courses that can help you and your team acquire new skills and refine existing ones.
  • Attend Industry Conferences: Whether in-person or online, industry conferences are a treasure trove of knowledge, offering workshops, speeches, and networking opportunities that can enhance your understanding and skills.
  • Follow Industry Leaders on LinkedIn: Keep up with industry leaders and influencers on LinkedIn to receive daily insights and updates directly from the forefront of training and development.
  • Demo New Tools and Platforms: Hands-on experience with new tools and platforms is invaluable. Take time to explore and demo emerging technologies to understand their potential impact on your training processes.

Additional Resources

Here's some resources to further support your journey in mastering modern training techniques:

  • Gnowbe's Free Masterclass Series: Dive into our comprehensive masterclass series designed to enhance your skills in various aspects of digital and microlearning.
  • Microlearning Instructional Design™ Programs: Explore our specialized programs in Microlearning Instructional Design™, crafted to help you design effective, engaging short-form educational experiences.
  • Connect with Gnowbe on LinkedIn: Follow us on LinkedIn to stay updated with our latest insights, updates, and community contributions.
  • Experience a Gnowbe Demo: Get a firsthand look at how Gnowbe can revolutionize your training efforts with a personalized demo.

We hope these resources and activities enhance your readiness and effectiveness in navigating the evolving demands of workforce training. By staying informed, connected, and proactive, you can ensure that both you and your team are always at the cutting edge of training and development!

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