How to Engage your Employees Using Digital Training

October 25, 2021

The Essentials of an Effective Digital Training Platform

The digital learning market has grown by 900% since 2000, as companies begin to recognize the advantages of digital learning.

In any organization training for employees is not just important, it is vital. Well-trained employees are not only more productive but are much better aligned with an organization’s business goals. Investment in the right training resources can save tremendous business costs by improving operational efficiency, reducing attrition, and also improving your professional standards.

With the wave of digital learning around us, how can you ensure that the digital training program is able to effectively engage your employees? Here are six strategies.

The Human Experience

While embarking on digital, it is quite tempting to manage the entire process digitally including user on-boarding. However, employees tend to resist change and thus might not embark on the learning journey in the first place. A human driven on-boarding which guides the employees on the training approach, goals, content, methodology and most importantly the platform, would allow them to proceed with conviction, which can be done by assigning champions of the programs.

Accessibility to Learning

To ensure greater engagement, learning platforms need to be easily accessible to the learners. This includes both physical accessibility (nothing that takes more than 3 clicks) and psychological accessibility (within the learners’ comfort zone).

Power of Collaboration

As humans, we all learn from each other’s knowledge and experiences. Employees learn from their colleagues every day. Incorporating these principles in training programs helps employees draw useful solutions to their problems and share resources with each other. With every topic, there tend to be learners who are more enthusiastic than others. Identify those learners and assign them as program champions – this lets them encourage others to participate.

Communicating Clear Deadlines

For any program, it is important to communicate a clear deadline so that learners can work with an end in mind. This ensures that work remains at the top of their minds.

Monitoring Progress

The great part about technology is that it allows us to track learners’ activity through analytics reports and dashboards. It is important to clearly communicate to the learners that their progress will be monitored, which would increase the level of commitment. On the training side, it is important to use analytics to monitor learner engagement at different stages and use that information to improve your program.

Using Rewards

Everyone likes gifts and rewards. Incorporate gamification principles in your digital learning to embed rewards and surprises within the learning experience, which would entice the learner to pursue training more actively.

While relevant content and an effective platform are cornerstones for engaged learners, using the above techniques can make a remarkable difference to your learner engagement. An engaged learner, after all, equals a productive employee.

As a pioneering learning experience platform, Gnowbe incorporates these essentials by making learning action-based, thereby transforming this digital learning space into a learning ecosystem.

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