How To Monetize Effectively With GnowbeShop™

Jit Hin
October 25, 2021

What is GnowbeShop™

GnowbeShop™ is our eCommerce plugin that allows our creators to create and sell their own online courses. With GnowbeShop™, you can now easily share and monetize your knowledge hassle-free! Go from idea to execution quickly and let GnowbeShop™ handle the nitty-gritty aspects of sales tracking, payment processing, and the likes for you!

A quick guide on how to monetize effectively with GnowbeShop™

1. Content Hosting                                              
↳ Create highly engaging content with Gnowbe’s authoring platform (unlimited content creation!)

2. Payment

↳ Once your course is published, set up your payment gateway in just a few clicks to generate your course link.

3. Upsell, Resell, Cross-sell
↳ Customize pricing and launch irresistible discounts using GnowbeShop’s promo code engine.

4. Community Building
↳ Share your course link to your community and build a loyal following within the app. Allow learners themselves to share your course link to grow your brand awareness.

5. Learner Analytics/CRM
↳ Manage leads the smart way. Track purchases and course completion rates easily on Gnowbe Dashboard.

6. Communication
↳ Launch automatically-triggered emails containing resources and updates using our built-in messaging system, also known as Gnowbe Nudges.

7. Immediate Revenue
↳ Get paid instantly with our Stripe integration. Connect your Stripe account with GnowbeShop™, and you’re all set! 

8. Integration
↳ As your build more courses and your digital academy starts to grow, integrate with your favorite apps (over 200) to create a seamless experience for you and your users!

here to learn more about setting up GnowbeShop™ for your organization on Gnowbe Dashboard. We'd love for you to try it out!

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