Humanizing Sales Performance Even Though We’re Virtual

So-Young Kang
October 26, 2021

Many of our teams are still remote. How can we improve the sales performance of our remote teams when we can’t meet our clients face-to-face?

Here are 4 principles to improve your team’s sales performance while remaining authentic and human:

1. Humanize every interaction intentionally.

Without the ‘in-person’ casual chats on the way to the meeting room or the banter that goes on while waiting for the meeting to start, it’s easy to jump into a transaction and forget the niceties. Be intentional about starting every interaction with an attempt to connect with the person on the other side of the screen in an authentic and personal way.

2. Listen more. Ask more. Be curious more.

Now that many sales calls are done virtually, we feel the pressure to close faster and get right to the point to share all the reasons why our product is great. Given the loss of human interaction, it’s important to create more space to connect emotionally with our customers. Ask more questions. Make sure you really understand their needs. Be curious about what is important to them. Even if you don’t get to the demo in the first meeting, success, if you have built trust and the customer is willing to take another meeting with you.

3. Use their words, not your words.

As you listen more to your customers, listen intentionally for the words they use to describe their needs and pain points. How exactly do they phrase their desired outcomes? Be intentional to use your customer’s words and phrases to describe how your solution can meet their needs.

4. Create a shared vision.

In this new remote working environment, many ways of working are being transformed and redefined. As you connect with your customer on a more ‘human’ level, listen for what really matters to them. What are their desired outcomes? What would the future look like if your solution helped them get there? Paint a picture of a shared vision together and how your solution is part of that vision.

What do you want for your sales teams? Would you like to see them apply the 4 principles in how they sell? What if you could inspire and encourage your teams to apply these principles every single day through simple reminders? What if you could track and measure how it’s going? What if you could see who is struggling so you could mentor and coach them to improve?

We have some great news. It’s possible with Gnowbe.

Gnowbe empowers your sales teams to be inspired and put to practice what they learn every single day on-the-job where it matters most. We would love to help you humanize your sales experience…starting with your teams.

Please contact us here to learn how to humanize your sales experience.

Unleash your sales team’s potential with the solution you’ll ever need.

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