A Performance Enablement Platform Designed for Industrial Safety Workers in the Field: Pest Control Technicians

Eric Wollberg

In 2020, most office workers worked from home in an effort to decrease the transmission of Covid-19. There were legions of essential workers continuing their work in the field who kept our cities and communities running. From food supply to transportation to utility staff and others  – in addition to our medical workers – these critical employees kept our society running. As one specific example, pest control technicians were very much still on the move. With offices, restaurants and other facilities vacant, the threat of various types of infestations increased. Thus, the necessity of pest control actually increased during the pandemic and will continue to even after it is over. The pandemic is forcing people to rethink how we did things previously. Today we’ll talk about training for pest control technicians.

In the past, pest control companies adopted very similar training practices to corporate office employees — classroom or desktop-based learning. The problem with this is that technicians are not at their desks – they are usually route-based workers. That is, they spend the majority of their time in their vehicles servicing clients house-to-house or business-to-business. This means that pulling them into a centralized location to attend a classroom session or sit at a company computer is a massive opportunity cost for any pest control company owner. In order to minimize the financial impact for the company, owners need to provide a solution which will allow technicians to be trained and upskilled within their flow of work. And furthermore, the training must be delivered in short bite-sized pieces to allow for maximum learning.

So how do we do this?
The Solution Already Exists – Gnowbe

Gnowbe, is a mobile-first microlearning platform that is focused on giving a high-impact training experience wherever you are. By leveraging various different “learning actions” (videos, polls, quizzes, etc.), Gnowbe helps train technicians with short bursts, as to not disrupt their workday. Additionally, there is sharing built into the platform, which simulates the experience of learning in a classroom environment. Finally, with robust data and analytics, you measure the progress of your technicians as they prepare for licensing exams or just general upskilling.

How Pest Control Companies Are Using Gnowbe

Currently, we have pest control companies from around the world using our platform. Interestingly, they tend to use the platform in very similar ways:

  • Preparing technicians to take licensing exams, increasing pass rates, which has led to a reduction in churn
  • Conveying critical safety and practical techniques to use in the field. Your content on Gnowbe is accessible as a mobile field guide as well
  • Communication between the central office and technicians in the field
  • Using Gnowbe’s social learning to allow senior technicians to share knowledge with junior technicians
  • Use of pest management content created by Bayer to upskill their employees
  • Creating Sales Enablement content to improve sales skills

As you can see, there is a lot that Gnowbe is doing to help the pest control industry bring their training practices in-line with the realities of a mobile workforce. The team at Gnowbe has appreciated the relationships we have created in the industry and look forward to continuing to add value to the space.

Interested and want to learn more? Arrange a free consultation with a friendly Gnowbe Sales Specialist here.

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