Integrating Gnowbe into your Video Calls – Create an amazing virtual experience

October 25, 2021

Sharing your screen in your Zoom calls is great. You are able to share your slides or documents virtually and hope that people are reading them and listening to you. But do you know what is better? Transforming your mundane meetings and video calls into a powerful experience for you and your audience alike with Gnowbe.

Why Gnowbe? We are easier to use than slides or documents – zero coding experience is required. We reimagine content, reinvent the art of communication to your audience, and engage your audience effectively in ways slides and documents just can’t. By easily integrating a messaging system, community shares, videos, quotes, surveys, polls, and games all into one platform, Gnowbe can EASILY engage anyone of all ages. We make content accessible and not static.

Tracking your impact on your audience is incredibly simple as well, with our comprehensive back-end user analytics. You can easily measure how successful you were in your audience’s learning, by utilizing both qualitative and quantitative feedback – through reflections or ratings and assessments.

Are you ready to create your very own powerful virtual experience for your audience? Here’s how!

Before your Zoom Call

Wondering how can you engage your audience before a Zoom Call? For a start, you may use your emails to direct your audiences to engage in pre-event actions on Gnowbe.

You may even take the time to introduce yourself to your audience on Gnowbe, where you’re able to input your speaker biography, polls, and questionnaires to allow your audience to get to know you better before delving deeper into your content.

By utilizing Gnowbe for your pre-event program, it also enables your audience to understand the purpose and agenda of your Call. Pre-event readings or activities can also be incorporated to deepen your audience’s understanding of your content before your Zoom Call begins.

Through this immersive digitized human experience, you’ll get to know your speakers, other participants and also have the ability to ask your questions in advance, find slides, tips, and webinar handouts – all in one place.

To find out more about how Gnowbe can help you engage your audiences before your Zoom Call, click here.

Integrating Gnowbe into your Zoom Call

Now that you’ve piqued your audience’s attention with your pre-event program, it’s time to turn your attention to the experience during your Zoom Call.

Note: These instructions are only applicable to iOS Users.

Technical steps to integrate the Gnowbe Application during your video call

  1. When your video call first begins, use the Share Screen button at the bottom of your screen.
  2. When prompted with a popup, select a window or application that has Gnowbe Web on.
  3. Select the Share button. You’re now sharing Gnowbe Web in your video call!

Technical steps to share both the Gnowbe Application and your desktop during your Zoom call

  1. When your video call first begins, be sure to share your screen.
  2. To share both your desktop and mobile screens, you may first connect your phone to your computer using your USB cable.
  3. Launch QuickTime Player and under “File” in the menu bar, select the “New Movie Recording” function.
  4. Next to the Record button, click on the down arrow, and click on your phone’s name. Your phone should be mirrored on your computer screen, in the exact shape of your phone screen.
  5. Launch the Gnowbe application using your phone, and go through the program during the Zoom Call.

While most Zoom Calls involve the use of sharing content on slides, this could actually be a deterrence to your engagement with your audience. Instead, you can use Gnowbe as an interactive platform that allows you to value-add to your audiences Zoom Call experience.

While you are able to share BOTH the Gnowbe Application and Gnowbe Web in your video calls, we highly recommend that you share Gnowbe Web on your video calls and get your users to use the application individually for live polls or other interactions. The former might be an overload for your audience.

Need more help? Speak to any of our friendly Gnowbeans here!

It is important to note here that the kind of actions chosen in your program is also the key to keeping them engaged.
Tip: Use a string of actions to bring your users on a journey to ensure that they remain engaged during your Zoom Call.

Find out more here!

Group engagement can also be heightened with Gnowbe.

  • With an individual group board per program, audiences are able to post their queries or questions on Gnowbe, allowing you (the curator), to answer questions in real-time or even after the Zoom Call has concluded. These questions will remain collated on the program’s group board, making it easily accessible either on the Gnowbe mobile application or Gnowbe Web and can always be referred to.
  • With the program having been gamified, audiences can also interact with polls and our Group Board feature which mimics Instagram! It’s fun, we promise!
  • Through the Message function, audiences can ask you questions or provide feedback privately. This may appeal to soft-spoken audiences, who may have valuable feedback to share with you about your program.

Any additional resources that need to be shared with your audience can also be shared with your audience using Gnowbe’s Resources goodie bag, where larger files can be stored and easily accessed by your audience. All you have to do is simply upload your files into the goodie bag and share the link within your program or even in your emails.

With Workbook, your audience can also print content – including their own answers, laid out in the program as a PDF file, allowing them to take notes while being engaged during the Zoom Call.

After your Zoom Call

Engaging your audience doesn’t stop once your Zoom Call ends. It’s an ever continuous process to ensure that your audience fully understands the information you shared and are able to apply it to their own lives.

Here on Gnowbe, you’re able to track your impact using Gnowbe’s comprehensive Analytics Dashboard. You’re able to take a look at user analytics using their qualitative and quantitative data, and take an overall look at how many users have signed up for your program.

As a curator, you’re also able to track your user’s individual completion rates and star ratings can be analyzed to track your program’s performance.

Gnowbe is free-for-all. You can create programs and share them with anyone at no charge. However, our back-end analytics can only be accessed with a purchased plan. Contact our friendly Gnowbeans and request for a demo today.

What about your audience you ask? Unlike video calls or one-time webinars, audiences can always revisit your program to catch up on any content they might have forgotten or missed out during your Zoom Call.

Lastly, with Gnowbe, you can stay in their minds. Engage and connect with your users even after the call has ended by scheduling push notifications or automated emails. Emphasize your point once again, or upsell your content effortlessly with Gnowbe.

Ready? It’s your turn!

Ready to kickstart your very own powerful digitalized experience for your audience?
Creating a powerful and fully digitalized experience is possible and easy with the right tools.

With Gnowbe, anyone can create.

Take your workshops, webinars, or presentations to the next level. To learn how Gnowbe can transform you and your user’s experience online and to request a demo of our mobile-first microlearning solution, click here now. Or simply download and sign up for a free Gnowbe account today.

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