Social Media Sharing With Gnowbe? Yes You Can! ⚡

Jit Hin

That's right! If you didn't already know, something really cool that learners can do on Gnowbe App is that they can share quote actions that are part of their Gnowbe programs on different social media platforms such as:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • Whatsapp

Quote actions are used to encapsulate ideas/thoughts into short sentences that are presentable and easy to read. Typically, curators use quote actions to share nuggets of wisdom, short quips, or even ‘tips and tricks’. These types of content are generally more relatable and memorable, which makes them ideal for social sharing!

Different types of Gnowbe quotes being shared on various social media platforms.

| Best Practices to Optimize Quotes for Sharing

1. Keep the word limit to less than 200 characters.

Less is definitely more when it comes to designing quote actions. We want our quotes to look simple and uncluttered.

2. Edit your quote’s background to customize its look and feel.

Combine your text with beautiful graphics that are contextually relevant to make your quotes more visually appealing! We recommend that you use squared images/GIFs. Here's a quick tutorial on how to change your quote's background:

3. Encourage learners to share!

Give your learners clear instructions to make use of Gnowbe App’s social media sharing feature! Sometimes, learners need a little reminder on the different ways they can interact with your content, and being explicit with our instructions helps to nudge them in the right direction. Here are some examples:

And that's it! Remember that people often engage with social sharing to both bring value and define themselves to others. When designing quotes for your Gnowbe programs, keep these motivations in mind to give learners good reasons to share your content! ⚡️

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