Feature updates

Dashboard interface improvements + Org Users Program Breakdown Report

Admins are the heroes behind the scenes, the Alfred that enables Bruce Wayne’s Batman to save the world. With today's update, learn more about the recent improvements we have made to Gnowbe Dashboard and discover how Admins can now better manage their organizations to reach new performance levels. Let's find out more!

| Org Users Program Breakdown Report

Have you ever wished there was an easier way to see the progress of every user in the organization by programs? You can definitely do so now!

Here's how:

↪ Log into your organization and click on to the Users tab.

↪ Click on Export.

↪ Click on With Program Completion to download a detailed report of all your users.

Where to find the With Program Completion report.

This report gives admins a comprehensive look into their organization members, specifically the different groups they are part of and the progress of all their programs they have access to.  In addition, any custom attributes defined will also be exported in this report.

Exported learner analytics report will show every program from every group a learner belong to.

| Dashboard Interface Improvements

Our development team has also been working hard on improving our user interface to enhance the Dashboard's navigation experience. For example, Action buttons are now clearly shown and will always be found on the far right of the table.

Even if the table cannot fit the window's width, the Actions column will no longer be hidden!

| Removal of Multiple Users

Admins/agents can now easily remove multiple users from an organization or group in one go with the multi-select option.

Here's how:

↪ Navigate to the Users tab.

↪ Select your users by checking the boxes beside their username.

↪ Click Remove.