Feature updates

You can now distribute a program to multiple groups!

Heroes excel when they have the right tools in their hands. Captain America has his shield. Thor has his Mjolnir. The Jedis have their lightsabers. We at Gnowbe would like to give you a couple of new tools to enable you to accelerate your team’s performance! Discover more below!

| Distributing Programs to Multiple Groups

We’ve now made it even easier for admins to distribute a program to multiple groups in their organization.

Here's how:

↪ Log into your organization and click on the Programs tab.

Find your published program and select Distribute under the Actions field.

↪ Select the group(s) that you wish to distribute the program into.
Pro tip: if you want to make the program available to ALL groups within your organization, toggle off 'Select groups manually.'

Choose to set a program deadline
At this juncture, you can also decide whether to set an absolute or relative deadlines for the program. If you prefer to have it available without restrictions, just ignore the options, click Yes, and you're done!

You can find out more about this feature from our help center.

| Additional Comparison Options for Custom Attributes

For our Premium subscribers, we have also provided more firepower to the custom attributes feature! You can now select from even more specific conditions to filter users into groups whenever you upload a new list of users.

We have added the following options for Comparison:

→ Starts With

→ Contains

→ Case Sensitivity

If you would like to know more about the Custom Attributes features and our other advanced features, we highly recommend our Guide To Advanced Gnowbe Features program, or you can check out our help center article.