Feature updates

Upgraded curation workflow and program sharing experience!

| Program Settings moved to a standalone page

If you have been creating programs on Gnowbe Web, you would have noticed that we have moved Program Settings from the sidebar to the Manage Program page. This change greatly improves the curation workflow as we have separated the two main tasks that curators perform (editing programs and administrative activities) into separate pages. Additionally, by moving Program Settings to its own page, curators will now see the Session drawer in their sidebar whenever they first head into Edit mode, making for a more intuitive curation experience.

| Upgraded program sharing experience

We have streamlined how curators can share Gnowbe programs by simplifying it to a single method. Previously, curators could share test links with learners to access their Gnowbe Sandbox programs. However, we have removed this feature to reduce the confusion that came with sharing Sandbox links. The only method now to share Gnowbe programs will be via user groups. Feel free to learn more here!

A quick guide to sharing programs via user groups!