Feature updates

Upload File Action, Program Deadlines, and Assessment Hints are now live!

We are excited because we have made great additions to the Gnowbe platform to help you and your team achieve more this year!

| Upload File Action

This new action will allow you to request file uploads in your program. All popular file formats including .DOC, .PPT, .CSV, .XLS and .PDF are supported!

| Program Deadlines

With this feature, you will be able to set an expiry date for your programs. Program deadlines can be configured when distributing a program to a group on Gnowbe dashboard. Learn more how to use this feature here.                                                                                        

| Assessment Hints

A great addition to our assessments function, this feature allows curators to provide feedback to answers once the assessment has been completed. This will be especially useful to help users learn from their mistakes.

Similar to program deadlines, this feature is configurable when selecting a program for distribution on Gnowbe dashboard.                                                                                              

As always, please get in touch with Gnowbe at support@gnowbe.com if you have any questions!