Feature updates

Our Word Puzzle action is now live!

“Would you like to play a game with me?"

That is the line that set the tone for Netflix's Squid Game, the series that has captured worldwide attention. With our new Word Puzzle action, you can start asking your learners the same question - without the devastating consequences, of course!

| Word Puzzle - The Latest Action from Gnowbe!

Gamification and Microlearning; you can’t name a better combo when it comes to next-generation learning. Let us share why our latest action gets you the best of both worlds! Here's a breakdown of how Word Puzzle works:

To add this action to your programs, select the Word Puzzle action from the action type drawer and set up the required fields:  

Get team members to show off their Word Puzzle prowess by sharing their timing with the group!

Go on, try out our Word Puzzle action today and ask your team: “Would you like to play a game with me?” Have fun! ⚡️