Bite-sized content: Micro-learning

Easy for employees to fit into their busy schedule and digest.

Drip-feeding over longer time intervals fosters knowledge retention. 

Also, easy to go back and revisit when needed. 


Engaging experience: Interactive & multi-media

Employees learn, reflect and apply new knowledge in the workplace context, every day. 

 The interactive multi-media approach provides a rich learner experience. 

Gamification elements such as rewards, notifications and leaderboards drive engagement further.


Social: Peer-to-peer private messaging & chats

Employees learn within their closed community group.

Social learning is supported by sharing of pictures and videos, likes, comments and thoughts. 

Private messages allow direct connections between individuals of the community group.


Measurable: Analytics

Define and track your KPIs, for example engagement or confidence level

Know what each employee has learned, in real-time.

Measure and support individual progress.

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