GnowMe. GnowYou.

Gnowbe cares about social impact and humanizing the world – one learner at at time.

Share the Gift of Learning with GnowMe. GnowYou.

We believe the best way to offer opportunities to people in any society is through learning and education. Enriching the minds of people offers hope for a better life for all – today and for generations to come. Therefore, we invite all our friends, clients and partners to participate in GnowMe. GnowYou. – a movement to share the gift of learning.

Clients agree to donate a % of their learning investment into GnowMe. GnowYou. to fund the design, development and distribution of Gnowbe content to those in need. Our vision is to build an ecosystem of scholarships, schools, internships, job creation and lifelong learning as we collaborate with friends, clients and partners to impact billions.

GnowMe. GnowYou. can be incorporated into CSR and social impact initiatives in a way that is measurable and effective. It empowers clients to broaden their impact and footprint globally.

And most importantly, together we can humanize the world – one learner at a time. We believe everyone should have the chance to upskill and reskill themselves to remain relevant and equipped for the 21st century.

Speak to our team on how you can democratize learning in different ways like offering microscholarships to the underprivileged, or more!