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SAML & OAuth

Link HR with onboarding seamlessly

Every time you onboard a new employee, automatically invite them to an Onboarding program in Gnowbe. Gnowbe integrates with most HR Systems.
Example: Bamboo HR

Capture all learner data in one place

Integrate user data on completion, engagement and interactions between Gnowbe and your LMS so you never lose any data and your learners have a seamless experience. Easily integrate Gnowbe’s programs with your LMS system or upload your SCORM files and transform it into an interactive shared experience to foster reinforcement, retention and knowledge sharing.
Example: SAP Succes Factors, SABA, Cornerstone

Integrate any G Suite application with Gnowbe

i.e. Google Events, Gmail, Google Sheet++
Automatically connect any of your G Suite applications within Gnowbe. Whether it’s an automated event trigger from Google Calendar to automatically distribute a program or embedding Google Sheets and files inside Gnowbe, the learner experience is seamless and easy to use.
Example: Google Calendar + Gnowbe

Manage user data and security automatically with SSO

No more remembering multiple passwords. Easily sign in from your company’s internal system to Gnowbe to ensure better user management, data privacy and access.

Get the data you need to make the best decisions with public API

Real time data on your key metrics that integrate with your business tools. Auto-sync learner, user, group, completion and engagement rates with our public API. This integration empowers you to synchronize learning milestones with key metrics so you can focus on impact, not admin.

Connect with over 5k of your favorite tools and software

Integrate Gnowbe seamlessly with over 5,000 of the most popular tools like Slack, Salesforce, Google Sheets, and Trello to create automated workflows. Imagine automatically sending client onboarding following a new deal in Salesforce, or sharing learning achievements in a Slack channel to foster a culture of continuous learning. These integrations not only simplify workflows but also embeds Gnowbe directly into the daily tools your team uses, enhancing engagement and ensuring that learning happens in tandem with work.

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