AACSB Invited Gnowbe to Speak to their Deans on Microlearning

January 29, 2023

AACSB is one of the accreditation bodies for top business schools globally. They invited Gnowbe to speak to their Deans on microlearning in 2018.

So-Young Kang, CEO of Gnowbe, talks with AACSB about learning content designed specifically for mobile platforms. Watch the video here.

So-Young Kang, an expert in the field of micro-learning, identifies three key lifestyle considerations and ensuing learning expectations for modern learners that should be considered when developing online content.

Learning Expectations by Lifestyle:

1. On-the-go- Engaging, attention grabbing multi-media content

2. Always-on- Curated, bite-sized content gradually released over longer time intervals

3. On-demand- Immediate, anytime, anywhere access to relevant information

Read the full article by AACSB "Technologies With Potential to Transform Business and Business Education: Mobile and Micro-Learning."

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