HR Tech Outlook: Employee Engagement 2019

November 5, 2021

Top 10 Employee Engagement Solution Providers – 2019

In today’s industrial paradigm, organizations are frequently judged by the employee well-being and that has given a new lease of life to employee engagement. The year 2019 will witness organizations moving to unconventional methods based on technology to listen to their employees. With an increase in collaborative tools, gamification, and peer-to-peer recognition, employees will feel increasingly comfortable with their work.

To support Gen Y, most organizations believe that allowing their employees to work virtually reduces the stress they feel while working. With the ability to work and train virtually, workers feel encouraged to bring out better results. In addition, the use of virtual working helps reduces overhead costs drastically, while making the employees feel trusted as well. In parallel, the use of professional social media and collaboration tools to stay updated with their projects ubiquitously. To bring better outcomes, constant training is essential. The use of gamification tools can help make these trainings more interactive and compelling. Supporting the urge to compete, gamification brings fun and measurable way of pushing employees to learn best practices and skills.

In nearly every vertical, the lack of recognition leads to employee dissatisfaction. Solving this impediment, organizations are adopting peer-to-peer (P2P) recognition to increase employee engagement. With a passive management, an active network of employees can make a massive impact on the organization’s work and productivity. To support CIOs, HR Tech Outlook collaboration with a distinguished panel comprising CEOs, CIOs, and analysts helps CHROs with a list of leading employee engagement solution providers. We present to you HR Tech Outlook’s “Top 10 Employee Engagement Solution Providers-2019”.

Gnowbe: Micro-Learning Experts Building Efficient Workforce

MBA from Harvard Business School, a published author, and a global speaker, So-Young Kang has a keen eye for business challenges and the expertise to solve them. While she was working on her first venture, Awaken Group—a multidisciplinary firm which designs human-centered solutions—she found that for effective employee training, the communication between top leaders and learners, and in-between the learners is vital. When she looked for training solutions with these capabilities, she saw that the existing ones provided only one-way communication such as recorded videos with no community-driven peer-to-peer learning and sharing functions. To fill this market void, So-Young founded Gnowbe that offers a mobile first, web-enabled and micro-learning employee engagement solution which promotes social learning.

The company’s namesake solution, Gnowbe, is based on the science of adult learning, gamification, and behavior design, which helps the modern workforce to learn faster and better. It encourages active engagement and inspires behavior change by delivering relevant, new content on the go. Unlike usual workshops, Gnowbe’s content not only focuses on learning but also enables employees to implement it in their work.

“What differentiates Gnowbe from its competitors is its ability to deliver accredited and high-quality content to users’ mobile phones, anytime, anywhere,” says So-Young, CEO and founder of Gnowbe.

Gnowbe enables its clients to feed their content into the platform, and the output will be a ‘gnowbefied’ microlearning material. Besides, if the clients want to customize the ‘gnowbefied’ content, they can outsource the same to Gnowbe’s Instructional Design team. “We let our clients create bite-sized, interactive multi-media sessions and engage participants on their smartphone or any other digital platform,” explains So-Young.

If the clients do not have their content, they can use Gnowbe’s content, which is mostly curated by Worldstack that leverages Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) for businesses. KPMG is also one of Gnowbe’s content partners. Gnowbe’s micro-learning solutions include learner dashboards and analytics, and self-authoring and curator tools. Besides these, the company also offers customized training solutions for its clients that include Gnowbe Onboard, Gnowbe Transform, and Gnowbe Ready, which can be integrated with any system upon request. “Currently, we offer seamless integration for more than 200 systems including Salesforce, Slack or SugarCRM. It helps clients to be on-boarded faster, to know their products better, to be more confident, and to be more successful,” points out So-Young. In an implementation highlight, Gnowbe helped 365 Dagen Succesvol (365), a Dutch training provider that offers a year-long premium life coaching program for personal development. The 13-step program only involved ten face to face, live seminars, which means that training managers were looking for a learning tool to give their participants access to an experienced coach, 365 days of the year.

They wanted a solution that combines e-learning and community engagement. The training team at 365 discovered Gnowbe’s solution and decided to use it because of its ability to provide a unique blended learning experience of live seminars

and daily engagement, which transforms learning into a habit. Soon, the team at 365 found that in the first six months after the implementation, the engagement rates were above 80 percent. Also, 365 trainers observed a drastic behavior change in the participants, who now know how to implement every insight directly into their work.

Currently, Gnowbe serves insurance, financial, and recruiting companies. However, in the future, it aims to serve the retail and hospitality sectors too. Meanwhile, the company, which has its presence in 26 countries, is now focusing on the U.S. market. In addition to these, Gnowbe wants to help people learn in their own language with solutions that support local content.

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