Interview With Credit Suisse: Bringing Gender Diversity Into the Tech World

November 5, 2021

Less than 3% of female-led startups receive funding? Gender bias in tech is not a perception, it is a reality.

Did you know – for most of So-Young Kang‘s (Founder & CEO, Gnowbe) corporate career, she actually never really experienced gender discrimination. However, the first time she experienced it was when she became a tech founder! In this Credit Suisse’s Women Empowerment Video Series, So-Young shared the importance of putting conscious effort into countering the unconscious gender bias, how women should support each other, collaborate, and help everyone raise consciousness around this issue. 🤝

“Innovation comes from having multiple diverse ideas, having different voices, and even diverse content. Whenever you bring these things together, it leads to more innovative solutions.” – So-Young

Wish to learn more about how female representation has helped deliver higher company performance? Watch the full video here.

Big thank you to Yvonne Chan Presenter, Former Channel NewsAsia Anchor) for hosting the session and Zebra Insights Group for facilitating the entire process.

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