Using “Little and Often” Training Produces “Lots and Long-Term” Results: Gnowbe’s Digital Learning Platform

November 17, 2021

This article was featured on TechWire Asia.

SINCE 2014, mobile use levels have outstripped time spent on ‘traditional’ computers such as desktop and laptop. Entire industries are therefore having to adjust their products so delivery can be effective on mobile platforms.

Clearly, there’s more to this repositioning of solutions than adjustment of image sizes, and a rethinking of workspace and user experience design (UX). There’s a whole new way in which people use their mobiles, and therefore software on that platform needs to comply.

Here’s where a piece of serendipity aids learners. Use of mobile apps tends to be “little and often” – users swap quickly from app to app, as the day goes on. And according to educational psychologists’ research, little and often is one of the best ways to learn new skills.

Digital learning specialists Gnowbe are aware that, in the workplace, many will continue the traditional one-to-one or group training in a classroom. But Gnowbe’s solution pushes training at work to the next level, by structuring its learning platform according to proven ways in which the adult brain learns best. The platform can be used standalone, or in tandem with standard training methods.

In addition to microlearning, its apps use gamification to encourage learners to progress through a course, as well as give the ability to share results and attainment levels with peers and fellow learners. In addition to being social behavior-oriented, Gnowbe’s algorithms are specifically written to mimic human behaviors which are apparent when learning is optimal.

By combining face-to-face training with a range of remote, app and web-based training methods, learners are able to learn new information, skills and abilities, and then have them reinforced in a number of practical ways which are scientifically proven to yield optimum results.

The impact on the business is such that employees not only become rapidly skilled, but also retain the learnings for transfer to the workplace, as the methods used have reiterated the message on multiple levels in the mind. This personalization of knowledge, reinforced by practical experience and individual thought processes results in a more engaged and productive workforce.

The company terms this approach “Learn – Think – Apply – Share” and it relies on action-based learning to ensure results – and the results border on astounding.

The cloud-based learning platform allows the creation of bespoke content very simply, and there are a number of templates that can be used as starting points – each of them are structured by Gnowbe as a proven framework of learning which yields results. Content can be curated either via a web interface or even on mobile. Additionally, groups or classes can easily be pulled together, and the platform can be integrated into the enterprise’s existing systems – CRMs, ERP, finance systems, etc. can all be linked, reducing the need for duplicate data entry.

To get an overview of the progress of multiple groups, courses, and learners, the software provides a dashboard view of all activities, which allows learning leaders to coordinate and control the learning delivery. Management can also use the dashboard to judge ROI and learning outcomes in a wider business perspective.

As new staff are introduced to the company, the platform’s use as an onboarding, and product and sales training  tool becomes apparent, and the platform’s central role in the development of staff can be defined early, with welcome messages and training content even before the staff members cross the threshold.

Because of our more-or-less constant use of technology, we are all changing the way we learn. And by artfully responding to these changes, Gnowbe’s learning platform produces results far in excess of the possible outcomes of traditional learning methods.

And while those traditional classroom-based training investments may have been at least partially wasted in the past as learners’ memories faded, with Gnowbe’s reiterative and varying learning system, this need never again be the case.

To learn how your organization can get real ROI on its training budget, and get so much more besides, get in touch with a Gnowbe representative today.

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