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Quality curated content ready to upskill and reskill your people.

Programs designed and curated for each employee’s workflow.

GnowbeLearn® is the best enterprise content for employees. Created and curated by business content experts from around the world, these are programs that help employees creatively solve problems, learn the latest trends and methods for each business function, and increase productivity in their individual business workflow. You can find hundreds of mobile, microlearning courses in GnowbeLearn

Group Based Learning

“Your team’s peak performance becomes a new benchmark of excellence.”

Members of the team who are training and working together, create and maintain a continually improving level of learning and retention.

Collective intelligence that comes alive.

To help your teams deliver at every level, from tactical execution to strategic decision-making of the organization…

GnowbeLearn™️ Incorporates all the needs of your employees by combining the company’s knowledge needs from:

  • Leadership
  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Human Relations

It’s all right there in your employees’ pocket on their smartphone available with a tap.  Productivity comes alive with immediacy and excitement. It’s business reflex redefined.

Collective intelligence that comes alive.
Many programs. One vision.

Diverse programs.
One vision.

When training content is easy to use and available when and where your employees need it the most, productivity takes shape. Professionals require a lot from their training content, but each individual employee has different needs such as on-demand access, customizable programs, and seamless user management. When employees have the power to learn the way they want, with the content they need, they can give you their best and help transform your business into a productivity powerhouse.

Become a champion of your people.

To achieve organizational goals, streamlined processes, and maximized efficiency, leadership is an integral component for fostering growth. In today’s modern mobile world, leaders are needed to be present globally. GnowbeLearn™ for teams, takes advantage of the made-for-mobile Gnowbe Platform to support and train the leaders of tomorrow, wherever their work may take them.

Leading others

Leading Others

“Leading Others” lays down the fundamental principles of authentic leadership. It is based on core principles of being ‘human,’ care, humility, empowerment, gratitude, strengths-based leadership and belief that everyone can be a leader.

Motivation and team management

Motivation and Team Management

When you combine people, knowledge, and skills, you can accomplish anything you set your mind to. Building relationships with your team members will help you achieve better work outcomes

Become a champion of your people

A whole new take on tech.

he modern-day business world is never static; it is constantly changing. In this increasingly competitive environment, one of the greatest challenges for businesses is remaining relevant. To do so, it is imperative that businesses become familiar with the newest developments in technology. GnowbeLearn™ for teams strives to alleviate the tension of having to adapt to modern changes by expediting the familiarization process. Our tech skills will keep you one step ahead.

Cybersecurity, awareness, prevention, detection and response

Cybersecurity, awareness, prevention, detection and response

“There are only two types of companies: those that have been hacked and those that will be.” – Robert Mueller This practical course will delve into the cybersecurity landscape and assist you in identifying, managing and responding to cybersecurity risks.

Industrial Internet of things

Industrial Internet of things

Get all the insights into IIOT and its applications, and the IOT protocols for M2M communication.

A whole new take on tech

A new way. A new possibility.

Innovation is one of the most vital aspects of modern business. Not only is it a necessity for consistently growing the business, but it also allows for differentiation from competitors. GnowbeLearn™ for teams provides businesses with the skills to continually improve their products and services. Innovation that goes all out . . . All the time.

Design thinking-Innovation

Design thinking-Innovation

‘Design Thinking’ starts with understanding individual users in an empathetic, human way and then turning that into a practical design. Design an innovative product in just 10 minutes a day.

ABCs of Agile-Innovation

ABCs of Agile-Innovation

“ABC of Agile” is a practical business-oriented micro-learning course that focuses on shifting mindsets and behaviors. This course explains why agile has become so popular, its benefits and how to apply agile across functions to achieve business agility and help develop a shared approach to agile.

A new way. A new possibility

The ABC for sales. Always Be Closing.

At the forefront of a business is its sales force. The men and women in that Sales force bridge the business to a vast pool of potential consumers. It is imperative to enable salespeople with the necessary skills to understand and cater to the desires of consumers. GnowbeLearn™ for teams delivers these skills, allowing the business to build trust and foster loyalty with its customers and prospects

Sales 101 suite

Sales 101 suite

Whether you’re an amateur or expert, you can be a better salesperson through acquiring and practicing effective sales skills. Sales is a process, and every step towards a successful sales must not be undermined. Each step is a skill that can be mastered. Find out what these sales skills are and get guidance in developing each of them in 10 minutes a day.

Customer Service 101 suite

Customer Service 101 suite

New to customer service? Want to make a great impression and get promoted? Great customer service is critical to the success of any business. This ‘micro-learning course’ is designed to help introduce you to the fundamental behaviors of good customer service.

Always be closing. ABC for sales

Immerse yourself. In everyday life.

In an ever-changing world, life skills are essential for overcoming everyday difficulties. Employees need life improvement ideas, such as the capacity to cope with stress and frustration, to help them adapt to the growing pace and change in contemporary living. GnowbeLearn™ for teams brings to you life skills programs to ensure that your workforce productivity powers your business productivity.

Speak japanese

Speak Japanese

Kon’nichiwa! Say hello in Japanese. Learn how to speak Japanese in 10 mins a day. Wao!

Motivation on the move

Motivation on the move

Empower yourself with practical ways to stay motivated, inspired and living a more joyful life.

Leadership  Technology  Innovation  Sales  Life Skills  Business Life Skills Immerse yourself. In everyday life.

Occupation made extraordinary.

Every single business is composed of a group of individuals. For an industry to thrive, it requires each individual to gain mastery of foundational and fundamental business skills. From presentational skills to analytics, GnowbeLearn™ for teams will provide the essentials for every member to contribute and remain productive in the business world. Business Operations up and running with just a tap.

12 Essentials of Digital Marketing

12 Essentials of Digital Marketing

Twitter? Facebook? Instagram? Google? Which tools do I use for what? Are you confused? This course is designed for you! Learn the lingo for digital marketing and start to find ways to implement the basic tools in your organization. In 10 minutes a day, you can now be confident when you talk about digital marketing.

Planning Power-Packed Presentations

Planning Power-Packed Presentations

Twitter? Facebook? Instagram? Google? Which tools do I use for what? Are you confused? This course is designed for you! Learn the lingo for digital marketing and start to find ways to implement the basic tools in your organization. In 10 minutes a day, you can now be confident when you talk about digital marketing.

learn business

Our partners in driving productivity.

kpmg logo

KPMG brings a living lab of innovation right on your smartphone.

KPMG Business School brings together our breadth and depth of subject matter expertise with superior learning design and technology capabilities. We deliver a wide range of off-the-shelf digital, classroom and blended programmes covering a range of topics such as accounting, financial services, technology and cyber security, people skills, and enterprise risk management.

For an organisation, we approach learning through the lens of solving business problems by being a trusted advisor. For a professional, we enable personal transformation of the individual to unlock his or her true potential.

Leadership training is now made mobile. brings micro-mobile learning in partnership with Gnowbe’s platform to consistently engage with learners to change their mindsets and transform the work culture. Their mission is to drive the movement to mobilize value-based leaders to transform the workplace and impact communities.

MErcer Logo

Mercer’s robust learning content is now on Gnowbe.

 Mercer is a global consulting leader in talent, health, retirement, and investments with a global force of over 21,000 individuals united by a single idea of “Making Tomorrow, Today”. Mercer partners with organizations around the world to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of their HR functions for a more sustainable impact and longer-term value.

temasek logo

All of Temasek’s microlearning courses for busy workers right on your smartphone.

Reputed for their world-class programs, applied research, managerial excellence, and innovative corporate culture, Temasek Polytechnic has developed over 100 MicroLearning Courses (MLCs) such as Speak Japanese, Engineering, and Digital Marketing.

Learn and train, wherever life takes you

Drive higher performance in a painless way by making learning a daily habit.

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