Mobile-first, Microlearning, Employee Experience Platform - Gnowbe

Mobile Microlearning Platform

Built on transformative learning theory and science of how adults actually learn and engage with content.



Onboarding & Training

Facilitate employee engagement even before your new hires start.


Blended Learning

Extend the training experience by engaging learners 24/7!

Gnowbe replicates the workshop experience into the mobile app to empower learners to


With content broken into bite-sized pieces, it is easier to retain information and fit learning to any busy schedule.

Gnowbe’s unique learning design interface allows learners to discover new skills through our various learning actions.

Watching videos

Listening to audio

Learning from quotes, images

Reading short burst of text


Transformational learning happens when learners start to think. Gnowbe creates opportunities for critical reflection and trigger radical changes in thoughts and perspectives for your learners.

Record reflections

Upload images, videos and audio

Read from external resources


To measure clarity, competence and application, Gnowbe guides learners to apply critical thinking and creativity into the workplace.

Take assessments and quizzes

Upload videos and audio

Record reflections

Powerful features that drive behavior change


Group-Based Learning

Daily Reminders

Gnowbe Web Editorial

Curate a fun & engaging learning experience in minutes!

  • Enforce learning with an assessment tool
  • Create gamified quizzes
  • Curate in any language
  • Automate push notifications

Gnowbe Dashboard

Never look back at your LMS again

  • Track learner performance in real-time
  • Export automated reports of learning impact
  • Define key learner KPIs e.g., engagement and confidence level
  • Integrate Gnowbe with enterprise systems

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