Customize these 3 FREE sales enablement templates to help your team drive more revenue and close faster!

Sales Enablement Templates Kit Gnowbe

In this kit, you will get an overview of three customizable sales templates you can pick and choose to quickly enable your team and drive growth. Start importing your existing content onto Gnowbe’s easy to use platform or you can reach out to us for support. Here’s what you will get when you download the kit: 

  1. Sales Battlecard – Arm your sales team with immediate responses to any prospect’s inquiries, objections or needs. 
  2. Daily Sales Journal – Keep your sales team aligned and focused with 365 days of virtual check-ins, coaching and collaboration. 
  3. Sales Playbook – No more tiresome onboarding calls. Dynamically update & deploy your company’s latest strategy, product & pricing to your entire sales army in seconds! 

Train your employees anytime, anywhere with Gnowbe.

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