What is Gamified Learning? Benefits and Examples

What is Gamification in Education or Gamified Learning?

Gamification in education or gamified learning is a tactic for improving participation in an educational setting by introducing gaming aspects. Gamification in education is growing more popular in educational settings and corporate training for the obvious reason of making education more fun for students and trainees.  

Benefits of Gamified Learning

Increase the Level of Engagement

One of the most challenging things for educators to achieve in the classroom is attention and engagement from students. This issue can be overcome by introducing gamification in education. By providing challenges and tracking users' progress as they learn, gamified e-learning platforms encourage engagement among learners. 

Enhancing Knowledge Retention

Gamified learning boosts knowledge retention higher than in traditional classrooms. In other words, students are able to absorb more knowledge and remember more of what they learn thanks to gamification in education. 

Offers immediate feedback and reinforcement

Gamification in education will make sure students receive instant feedback through incentive-based applications online. As a result, learners can correct their mistakes and learn from them through gamified learning. Gamification learning also enables employees also to work towards real-time, measurable goals and receive upper-level feedback as those goals are met.

Examples of Gamified Learning

Here, we will give you some situations where gamified learning is applied in classrooms and workspaces.

A Timed Quiz

For example, in Singaporean settings, Kahoot can be one of the prime gamification examples in education as it is applied to students of all levels from primary schools to University students. This fun interactive gamified learning platform enables teachers to quickly create multiple-choice quizzes via a website with a shareable link. 

Students will have to answer a question to be the winner of the session similar to a game. Gamification in corporate training is one strategy for increasing learning retention and reinforcing positive learning habits.

Creating a reward system for the students and employees

This method is the application of gamification in education without the usage of technology. You can simply give a star or prizes (depending on the age of the students) to motivate them to do better. For employees, a reward system for the best employee of the month can be given to employees who perform well. 

Introducing leaderboards

Leaderboards can motivate learners to get greater scores by showing them that they are competing with others. Students and employees or trainees will work harder to stay or reach the top of the leaderboard. Peers can encourage each other and keep each other on their toes to push their limits to achieve success. 

Best Gamified Learning Platforms and Apps

1. Gnowbe

Image Source: Gnowbe

An easy-to-use e-learning software for both creation and learning, Gnowbe is the best software that you can use to perform gamified learning. Gnowbe offers interactive video creation where you can add trivia quizzes or amusing facts to enhance knowledge retention among learners. Gnowbe offers collaborative editing and interactive material to ensure that the learners' learning objectives are met with simplicity and accuracy. 

The Gnowbe feature such as Star Ratings would be able to improve the quality of e-learning content as it is a tool to survey students and get real-time feedback on their programs. It will allow curators to ask star-rating questions based on numerous KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) to assess the performance of their program.

You can also use the leaderboard and reward system features in Gnowbe to encourage learners and allow acknowledgement. Remove your learner’s mental roadblock and make learning fun with the help of Gnowbe!

2. EdApp

Image Source:EdApp

Providing an opportunity to break the ‘boring training’ stereotype, EdApp is a gamified learning platform that allows you to form more than 80 mobile-friendly templates to rapidly add gamification to your course. The examples of gamified learning this app provides include Image-Word Match, True or False and Memory (Tile Matching). 

You can motivate your learners by giving them rewards (badge, banner), introducing leaderboards and creating certificates through this gamification learning platform. Create fun and interactive courses that apply gamification learning to make your learners more productive!

3. Funifier

Image Source:Talent Intelligence

Increase the engagement level of your learners by using Funifier to incorporate gamification learning in the workspace or gamification in education for classroom students. They have various kinds of programmes such as 9Bi+ (for banks), WizOn (insurance agents) and Adidas World Cup 2018 (Adidas) which have proved to be successful in enhancing engagement among the learners, users and customers. 

A cool feature called Funifier’s analytics and monitor will help you to set up realistic goals that will help you improve the engagement and performance of the users. You can also utilise Funifier connections to track and deliver feedback to your customers and staff no matter where they are.

4. Duolingo

Image Source:Duolingo

Learning is made easy at Duolingo as it is a proven gamification learning app that offers courses that effectively and efficiently teach reading, listening and speaking skills. The Duo Owl character (official mascot) in this app will help you to stay motivated by giving you fun challenges and tasks to enhance engagement and retention. The lessons in Duolingo are also personalised to help you learn with great speed and accuracy, combining the best of AI technology. 

5. Habitica

Image Source:Habitica

Habitica is a free gamified learning app that builds healthy working habits that encourages you with rewards and penalties. The users can use this to track daily goals and habits that will improve their productivity as a student or employees. Maximum engagement can be easily achieved as this gamified learning platform will let you level up your Avatar and achieve in-game elements once you are done with your tasks!


Are you interested in applying gamified learning in your classroom or corporate training? Visit Gnowbe now to know about this eLearning software that gives you gamification learning through its app!

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