Feature updates

Ability to Easily Manage Creators and Move Users Across Groups

Ability to Easily Manage Creators

First up, we have made it much easier for billing admins to manage Creators in their organizations. You can now simply assign a user as either a Admin, Agent or Curator and they'll be automatically added as a Creator under your organization. Also, instead of manually removing Creators from their individual roles, billing admins can now easily remove them from all their assigned roles under the billing details section on Dashboard (see image below). Find our help desk article here to learn more about adding/removing Creators within your organization!

Ability to Move Users From One Group to Another While Keeping Program Progress

This new feature will come in handy for Admins/Agents looking to transfer users between groups in the same organization. For example, you can now move User X from Group A to Group B within the same organization and copy the user's progress/analytics across the two groups (progress will only be copied for the programs both groups share in common). Click here to learn more!