Feature updates

*NEW* Automatic Program Sharing + Ability to Customize and Resend Gnowbe Invitation Emails

| Program sharing made quicker and easier! ⚡️

Gnowbe now automatically shares your program whenever you create a new user group or invite participants to a group on Gnowbe Web! Click Publish when you're ready to share your program, create a group and Gnowbe will proceed to automatically share your program with this new group. Invite your participants, and you’re all set!

Learn more here.

| Ability to resend email invites

Admins and Agents can now resend email invitations to users who have been invited to join a group but have yet to register for a Gnowbe account.

Learn how here.

| Ability to customize emails send from Gnowbe

Take note, Admins! There's a new Customization tab under your organization settings that allows you to change your sender name and reply-to email address for all emails sent from your organization.

Learn more here.

This feature is only available to Pro and Enterprise subscribers.