Feature updates

Publish programs from your mobile device! ✨ 📲

We at Gnowbe have always been proud of our focus on the mobile experience. In this edition of our product update, we are excited to announce the ability to publish programs directly from your mobile device! Let us show you how easy it is!


Once you’ve finished creating your program, simply look for the Publish option (bottom of sceen) in Edit mode, choose your organization to publish, and you’re good to go!
Note: Your organization’s agents will still need to distribute your published programs.

You can also choose to be notified via email when your programs get distributed to different groups.

Wait, there's more! The publishing experience onGnowbe Web has also been improved to provide the same ease of publishing.

Step 1: Log in to web.gnowbe.com or sign in via the Gnowbe app
Step 2: Access your program and head to Edit mode
Step 3: Once you've finished creating your program, click Publish (top right hand corner)
Step 4: Select the Organizatio/Group(s) you wish to Publish the program into
Step 5: Wait for Admin/Agent approval (You will be notified via email)