More Than Microlearning: What to look for in a microlearning platform

Megan Terry

Microlearning, undeniably, has earned its stripes in the realm of adult education. The research underscores its effectiveness in catering to adult learners' preferences for short, focused bursts of information. However, as the dust settles on the microlearning frenzy, it's time to ask a crucial question: Is microlearning alone enough for truly impactful adult learning?

The marketplace is flooded with platforms claiming to deliver the best microlearning experience. The challenge lies not just in choosing a platform that offers microlearning content but in discerning whether these short, snackable lessons are truly driving meaningful behavioral change or merely serving as a checkbox on the training “to-do list.”

The first question to ask yourself

Do you care about the impact of your training?

If you answered yes, read on as we look at what makes up adult learning best practices and what to look for in a microlearning or e-learning platform.

The Science

Recent andragogical research emphasizes that microlearning, while effective, is only one element of the equation for successful adult learning. Enter the Know | Think | Apply | Share (KTAS) methodology and Mobile Personalized Participatory Group-based (MPPG) framework. These holistic approaches recognize the multifaceted nature of adult learning. If you’re unfamiliar, we’ve outlined the KTAs principles below.

KTAS Methodology Explained

To truly empower learners, consider platforms that go beyond the basics. Look for features such as social learning experiences, storytelling, gamification, and behavior nudges. These elements enhance knowledge retention and tie seamlessly into the KTAS methodology, fostering a dynamic and engaging learning environment that results in increased knowledge retention and completion rates.

Why Microlearning Analytics Matter

It’s important. How can you measure the effectiveness of your training if you're not equipped with analytics? Many microlearning platforms may lack robust analytics, perhaps to avoid revealing the less impactful aspects of their content and delivery. An ideal platform delivers easy to interpret data and empowers leaders to identify gaps in their own teams, tailor content, and make timely adjustments without expensive content curation services and tools. The magic lies in finding that balance – tools simple enough for everyone to use yet impactful enough to make a difference.

The Mobile-First Advantage

In our fast-paced world, adults are on the move. We have to meet them where they are. Look for platforms that prioritize mobile-first accessibility while ensuring seamless syncing and ease of use on the web, without the hassle of software downloads. One benefit of a mobile-first platform is the ability to utilize mobile device functionality with push notifications and social sharing actions. Your learning solution should be bite-size, mobile-first, social, gamified, and above all, impactful.

Increase Your Training Impact

Take a moment to reflect on your current training landscape, ask yourself – does it check all the boxes? Is it micro, but also macro in impact? Take a leap beyond microlearning alone; consider the holistic approach of the KTAS method paired with microlearning and mobile-first design. We’re here to discuss ways to elevate your training with a platform that understands the complexities of adult learning, blending technology, methodology, and behavior change. The journey to impactful adult learning begins with a single step – are you ready to take it? Let's chat about your current training setup or explore options you're considering. We'll help you compare and find the perfect fit, saving you time, effort, and money.

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