New Template Available – Digital Microlearning Battlecards! ⚔️

Jit Hin
October 25, 2021

What is a Digital Sales Battlecard?

A battlecard is a sales enablement tool that includes a succinct summary of your products/services, target markets, customers, and competition. The objective is to arm your salespeople with immediate sales-ready responses to any prospect’s inquiries, objections, and needs. Think of battlecards as 'bullets' in a salesperson’s arsenal, ready to be fired off whenever one gets riddled with questions! 

Our Digital Sales Battlecard template comes in a plug-and-play format to help you distill and consolidate competitive insights and key product information into a single microlearning program!

Why use our Digital Sales Battlecard?

1. Provide your sales team with precise information that is easily accessible

Get your salespeople equipped with accurate, relevant, and high-value talking points using our mobile-first platform.

battlecard product features and usecases
Equip them at their fingertips with:
  • Latest details on product features, pricing, and promotions
  • Up-to-date competitive differentiation
  • Statistics and figures
  • Sales tips
  • Frequently asked questions

2. Create consistency in communication
Get your whole sales team aligned on the specific messaging they need to close deals. Ensure that your valued customers hear a consistent sales message at every stage of their sales cycle.

consistent communication

3. Save time with our highly customizable Battlecards template

You don’t have to start from scratch! Our Battlecard templates are prefilled with sessions and actions, storyboarded for your convenience.

Customize our templates with your product content in real-time, and deploy updates to your team INSTANTLY.

customizable battlecards template

From nurturing, to negotiating, to nailing down the sale, give your sales team an edge with our FREE plug-and-play Digital Sales Battlecard template today!

Step 1: Login to or sign in via the Gnowbe app
Step 2: Click 'Create a Program'  
Step 3: Select 'Choose a Template'

Step 4: Scroll to 'Product X: Digital Sales Battlecard'

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