Virtual Meetings Are More than Zoom Calls


Trips and meetings getting canceled?
Scrambling to figure out what to do with your next event?
Want to create an awesome virtual experience that is more than a video conference call where half the people are multi-tasking?

Yes, we want the same for you too.

At Gnowbe, we believe in humanizing the world. We believe that virtual meetings should and can be much more relational, human and impactful than just a traditional video call with some chats that all disappear the moment you end the meeting.

Why do people attend conferences in the first place?

  • Network – I want to connect with other like-minded people.
  • Network – I want to learn from others and stay connected.
  • Content – I like some of the topics.
  • Break – I need a break from work and want to…did we say “network?”

I think you get the point. Networking is a key reason for events. We may not be able to do coffee and drinks virtually but let’s focus on one of the main reasons for attending a conference – networking, building relationships, and sharing content in engaging, fun ways.

We have been empowering thousands around the world on how to transform their virtual meetings into way more than a Zoom or Webex call by not only providing a collaborative platform with awesome content but also providing the data, analytics and marketing engine to stay connected with your audience. We can show you how to embed your video calls into a digital experience that is engaging, measurable and sustainable.

Welcome to the next generation of virtual meetings! Book a free consultation here.

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