Gnowbe is a mobile first, web-enabled platform enabling an on-the-go, 24/7 native mobile learning experience. Participants can access Gnowbe either from the smartphone via the Gnowbe app, or from the desktop via For more details on the advantages of a mobile first design, please read here.



Gnowbe's cloud-based software provides seamless access to your programs across any device, be it mobile phone, IPad or desktop. All content such as program updates, sharing of comments or uploading of videos happens in real-time. Participants in remote locations or with a temporary lack of online access can download their program and access it in offline mode.



Gnowbe is a highly agile solution that requires no infrastructure investment or technical training, and can therefore be deployed in seconds. All participants have to do is download the app, or visit Gnowbe is highly scalable, and supports learning of a few or ten thousands of users across the globe. It can be leveraged either as a stand-alone digital solution, or as part of a blended learning model.



Gnowbe's platform is built according to architectural and API security best practices by in-house team of experts.

A client’s content is proprietary, private and secure. Only authorized and authenticated participants can access the content.
For details of Gnowbe’s Privacy Policy, please read here.



Gnowbe can be integrated with any system upon request. We currently offer seamless integration for a range of popular CRM systems such as Salesforce or SugarCRM, as well as email marketing tools such as mailchimp.



You have more questions? Just drop us a note, we are happy to discuss and help.