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Gnowbe helps you drive higher performance for your businesses. Our powerful software and easy-to-use interface creates a unique experience for your employees which drives behavior change and encourages social learning and engagement.

Anywhere, anytime access. Made for mobile.


Grow your revenue by 40% delivering more in-depth learning experiences.


Achieve 10x higher engagement with measurable results.


Reduce time and cost to author new content with the ease of our curation platform.

Onboard, Train and Engage Learners in a Cost-Effective and Impactful Way

Need a new product training in 3 days? And what about updating your SOPs?  Do you want to communicate your new strategy . . . share a new sales technique? You can do all that and more with our powerful mobile microlearning experience in minutes. Yes, minutes. 

Onboarding screenshot - laptop and mobile

Onboarding Solution

GnowbeEnterprise™ delivers information about your organization, your products, your market to your employees 24/7. They can hit the ground being productive, and making the company money the first day in the field.

Sales Training Screenshot

Sales Training Solution

We do it with bite-sized nuggets. Sales associates receive templates, client lists, company news, updated pricing, or anything else you think they should know, and it’s on their smartphones the moment you send it out. They learn and retain what you want them to know, make better decisions, better presentations and more money for the company.

Product knowledge solution screenshot

Product Knowledge Solution

Everything about the product is delivered to everyone in your company with just a tap. It’s so easy, the ease of deployment almost feels unreal.  And as they progress, you can analyze how effectively each employee is performing on a personal basis.

Compliance screenshot

Compliance Solution

You can educate and empower every employee with the rules and regulations that must be followed to the letter. Microbit learning completely transforms the way you deliver complex and sometimes monotonous information in a fun and engaging way.

We make learning fun and effective, greatly improving business performance.

Our powerful software and easy-to-use interface create a unique experience for your employees that drives behavior change and help build authentic relationships with everything they do. And with mobile content creation – deliver the information your employees need when they need it most.

Social learning to leverage peer knowledge

Awesome analytics to make better decisions.

Content curation goes mobile. Seriously mobile.

Gamification and fun drive higher engagement.

Applied learning impact isn’t just what you know. It’s how you use it.

Seamless software integration so Gnowbe just plugs right in.

FeaturesLearning AppsGnowbe
Built-in Gamification
Offline Learning
Social Learning + 1:1 Chat
Data, Analytics, Insights
Automated Email + Notification Engine
Authoring Platform via Mobile/Web

Unlimited video

Unlimited authoring

Unlimited hosting

Drip (scheduled) content

Ready to use templates

Advanced automations available

Inbuilt email marketing engine and push notification

Leaderboard and reward systems

Polls, quizzes, assessment

No fees on free courses

Private training by Gnowbe team

Access to Gnowbe’s Ecosystem

 Integrated Authoring, Learning & Employee Experience Solution.

 Imagine empowering anyone to curate on the go and share it with the team? You can create custom content tailored to your business needs using GnowbeEnterprise™️. With its easy-to-use content authoring capabilities, anyone can be empowered to curate content.

Simple platform. Easy-to-use interface.

Simple mobile, microlearning platform.
Easy-to-use interface.

GnowbeEnterprise® platform is intuitive and natural to use. It’s designed for the mobile-native experience where we leverage the various actions in phones like swiping, scrolling, notifications and tapping on screens to improve engagement.

Our platform allows employees to take advantage of these actions to stay organized, adapt to new programs, interact with content, access company information, and read and understand training materials more effectively. With audio hear-out and haptic feedback, it’s accessible for everyone.

Measure Powerful ROI with Real-Time Analytics.

We understand the importance of accountability and alignment, especially in times of change. With instantaneous feedback, you’ll have true insights at your fingertips. Assess, align, and accelerate your impact. Create reports that measure business impact from, productivity time, cost reductions, revenue earned and staff performance.

Compatible with over 200 existing LMS systems and business applications

Compatible with over 200 existing LMS systems and business applications.

GnowbeEnterprise™ is built to support the most prevalent business productivity tools and learning management systems in today’s modern enterprise environment, which includes Slack, Google G Suite, Microsoft Office, and SAP SuccessFactors.

Automation enables employees to be more productive when your business applications work with Gnowbe. With thousands of apps already supported for Gnowbe, you’re up and running almost instantly.

Curated Content + Learn in Teams = Powerful Results.

To build capabilities for your employees in a highly scalable and cost-effective way, Gnowbe has partnered with some of the world’s leading experts and trainers to deliver mobile, microlearning programs that shift behaviors and develop skills. Whether you’re looking for leadership, sales, technology or innovation programs, GnowbeLearn™ gives your teams access to quality curated content from around the world… which can be translated into over 190 languages. The beauty of GnowbeLearn™ for Teams is that all of this learning can take place in smaller groups to encourage more active participation and accountability.

Leading others

Leading Others

“Leading Others” lays down the fundamental principles of authentic leadership. It is based on core principles of being ‘human,’ care, humility, empowerment, gratitude, strengths-based leadership and belief that everyone can be a leader.

Motivation and team management

Motivation and Team Management

When you combine people, knowledge, and skills, you can accomplish anything you set your mind to. Building relationships with your team members will help you achieve better work outcomes.

Cybersecurity, awareness, prevention, detection and response

Cybersecurity, Awareness, Prevention, Detection and Response

“There are only two types of companies: those that have been hacked and those that will be.” – Robert Mueller This practical course will delve into the cybersecurity landscape and assist you in identifying, managing and responding to cybersecurity risks.

Industrial Internet of things

Industrial Internet of Things

Get all the insights into IIOT and its applications, and the IOT protocols for M2M communication.

Design thinking-Innovation

Design Thinking-Innovation

‘Design Thinking’ starts with understanding individual users in an empathetic, human way and then turning that into a practical design. Design an innovative product in just 10 minutes a day.

ABCs of Agile-Innovation

ABCs of Agile-Innovation

“ABC of Agile” is a practical business-oriented micro-learning course that focuses on shifting mindsets and behaviors. This course explains why agile has become so popular, its benefits and how to apply agile across functions to achieve business agility and help develop a shared approach to agile.

Sales 101 suite

Sales 101 Suite

Whether you’re an amateur or expert, you can be a better salesperson through acquiring and practicing effective sales skills. Sales is a process, and every step towards a successful sales must not be undermined. Each step is a skill that can be mastered. Find out what these sales skills are and get guidance in developing each of them in 10 minutes a day.

Customer Service 101 suite

Customer Service 101 Suite

New to customer service? Want to make a great impression and get promoted? Great customer service is critical to the success of any business. This ‘micro-learning course’ is designed to help introduce you to the fundamental behaviors of good customer service.

Speak japanese

Speak Japanese

Kon’nichiwa! Say hello in Japanese. Learn how to speak Japanese in 10 mins a day. Wao!

Motivation on the move

Motivation on the Move

Empower yourself with practical ways to stay motivated, inspired and living a more joyful life.

12 Essentials of Digital Marketing

12 Essentials of Digital Marketing

Twitter? Facebook? Instagram? Google? Which tools do I use for what? Are you confused? This course is designed for you! Learn the lingo for digital marketing and start to find ways to implement the basic tools in your organization. In 10 minutes a day, you can now be confident when you talk about digital marketing.

Planning Power-Packed Presentations

Planning Power-Packed Presentations

Twitter? Facebook? Instagram? Google? Which tools do I use for what? Are you confused? This course is designed for you! Learn the lingo for digital marketing and start to find ways to implement the basic tools in your organization. In 10 minutes a day, you can now be confident when you talk about digital marketing.

Our Customers

Logo 365

How one of the top leadership companies in the Netherlands grew their revenues using Gnowbe while achieving over 80% active participation.

65 uses Gnowbe to give its clients daily, bite-sized lessons using videos, articles and activities to practice. They wanted a mobile app that would deliver an equally powerful shared experience even when people weren’t in the same room together. Gnowbe’s design and customizable messaging offers participants a welcoming space. The online personal development program enables self-paced interaction and integrates with 365’s live events. After a year and a half, nearly all 365 program participants are actively using Gnowbe.

“It’s a bit playful, and to me, that was important as well. I didn’t want it to feel like homework.”

– Janina Carmesin
Training Manager | 365 Dagen Successvol

Business 365 screenshot
Mitsubishi logo

How Mitsubishi is reducing onboarding time and improving productivity for its employees around the world.

Mitsubishi leverages GnowbeEnterprise™ to reduce the time to onboard their employees globally. The new digital onboarding experience was curated with the support of Gnowbe’s Accredited MID Designers who transformed ppt- and pdf-based onboarding materials into a fun, experiential, and social experience. They reduced onboarding time from weeks to hours.

“Gnowbe converted our traditional training programs to bite-sized, and more fun. It’s easy to learn and access.”

– Sara Iwasaki
Manager | Human Link Asia Pte. LTd. Mitsubishi Corporation

Mitsubishi screenshot
Navitas logo

How a leading higher education company improved its sales capabilities across 9 countries at a fraction of what it cost before.

Navitas develops its sales team’s capabilities using Gnowbe to help their teams perform better. Global training managers are observing a 30% improvement in sales behavior as they track each participant’s performance pre- and post-training. The real-time data and analytics enable the managers to provide coaching opportunities for their teams to improve performance. Because of Gnowbe’s unique framework that incorporates observation of learning and social interaction for a mobile-first experience, Navitas learners are actively engaged in the app while learning from their peers and managers as well.

“Training is something you have to keep revisiting and updating. You don’t just do it once and that’s it. Our previous training approaches weren’t financially viable.”

– Aubrey Roger
Head of Sales & Marketing | Navitas

Navitas Screenshot

G2 Reviews

“Great people to work with and product is fantastic.”

– Shingo S, MetLife Innovation


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