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Curation strategy

Identify what content needs to be curated and by who and by when including review timelines.

Digital enablement strategy mapping

Outlining a project roadmap in line with the client’s end user profile and overall strategy.

Goal alignment

30-60 min meeting to align on goals.

Content curation

Content curation based on raw requirements from client (Gnowbe Team/Client).

Content feedback and finalization

Feedback shared on initial content draft, followed by review and finalization.

User acceptance testing

Testing curated content with sample/dummy users and mock onboarding.

End user onboarding strategy

Preparing onboarding guides with rightful messaging to set the correct learner expectation.

End user onboarding

Done via email or face to face.
Includes: downloading, registration, hands-on and basic troubleshooting.

Admin onboarding

Onboarding admin staff and also managers of employees on how to monitor employee progress.

Managing learner engagement

Using best practices and push mechanisms to drive learner engagement.

Feedback gathering

Gathering end user KPI scores and subjective feedback.

365-day tech support

Our tech support is available in-app and on the web and we provide a response within 24 hours.

Client success manager support

A dedicated client success manager is appointed for issues pertaining to curation, deployment and user management and also keeping the overall goals on track.

Quarterly review

A quarterly review of client’s goals is planned to align on strategy.

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