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Heartiest congratulations to the team for earning top spots for the EdTech Cool Tools Awards under the “e-learning, blended, or flipped solution” category. 
In an age of rapid technological change—innovators, leaders, and trendsetters are our greatest treasures. If our age is golden, they’re lighting the way.

Nearly a decade in, The EdTech Awards persists in its salute. Featured are the creators and champions of the sufficiently advanced technologies that sometimes wow us, seek to help us, and ultimately move us forward.

On the cusp of this new age in learning and education, technology is the vehicle—but who are the engineers, the strategists, the pilots? Who are the dreamers that dream, the builders, inventors, and architects of our future?

From one monolithic milestone to the next, civilizations may come and go. As we build this one—qualifying it through careful correction, ensuring progress, making mastery and advancement real—we awaken to our full potential.

We’re it, the chance is ours—and for learners, leaders, and earnest students of the future—the future is bright.

Here’s to those with their shoulders to the wheel.


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